Sunday, December 18, 2016

weekend recap///2

I did so good with my goal of taking pictures this weekend! If you remember a few posts back, it was my goal to get better at documenting our life! Though I did annoy a few people in the process, oh well!

We saw three movies this weekend, which is about one more than normal for us. I have seen over 120 movies this year, Mark has seen about 200. We just love love love movies. Anyway, this weekend we saw Rogue One, Manchester By the Sea and La La Land. All really good! 
At Rogue One!

 Ever since we watched Santa Clause we have been craving Denny's. AN AMERICAN INSTITUTION! 

I took a lot of selfies this weekend...mainly because I just love my LipSense. (Follow my page Luscious Lips on FB if you're interested in purchasing)

We went to a Christmas party with our closest friends on Friday! Instead of a white elephant we decided to do a Secret Santa. We didn't really do a super great job at keeping it a secret, I knew who mostly everyone had before the party....anyway, next year we will do a better job. I played Mom and made everyone take a picture with their gifts and I wanted to get a group picture, but alas....the jazz game took over.

Hilarie had me, which I knew because she was being so secretive about who she had and I knew that was so unlike her!

Look at how cute Mark is! He got a Star Wars game!

I had Nate and I almost spoiled it so many times! I also matter how best of friends you are, boys are hard to buy for.

Kyler got Dirk a huge machete. It was so weird and awesome haha 

As cliche as it is, our friends have really become our family. It will be the hardest thing in the world to leave them if/when we move out of Utah. I'm so thankful for them always.

Excited for two full weeks off for my Christmas break! I'm struggling to find some good Christmas activities that we can do. I hate ice skating, seeing the lights and gingerbread house making is kind of lame, but it seems like those are the only activities that don't cost a ton. Any suggestions? 
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