Wednesday, November 30, 2016

welcome to my love of makeup

Do you guys know how some bloggers are like "so many people have been asking me this" and you are like "hmmmm I find that highly improbable"?
Because I do all the time. I'm like "NO ONE REALLY ASKED YOU THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!" because I'm a bad person/hater.
So today when I say that I have had a lot of people asking me about makeup stuff lately, I PROMISE PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY ASKED.

But a few things.
One, I already did a video on this, but things have changed.

Two, I'm not an expert on anything else except eyeshadow palettes. Even then I would say expert is not really a good description, I just have a lot of them and I love to experiment. 

The first thing I would recommend is getting some good brushes. This doesn't have to cost a lot. I have the Real Techniques set and I have a few Morphe brushes and while they aren't top of the line, they are super great for the price. 

Real Techniques Brushes
Jaclyn Hill Morphe Recommendations (and her word is gold). Use JACATTACK10 for 10% off.
Recently I went over to a friends house and I kid you not, she was using those sponge makeup brushes that come in like dollar store eyeshadow things and I about. died. If your eye makeup looks bad I can almost guarantee that it is your brush. Specifically I love a really good crease fluffy brush. If you nail that crease, you are in good shape.

Okay, next thing. I started getting into eyeshadow palettes because I got the Naked palette for Christmas back in 2012. Then I got the Naked 2. I thought Urban Decay were the only palettes worth  a dang. Now that I have used other palettes I can say I don't enjoy Urban Decay palettes and won't buy them again. The palettes I live and die by are Morphe palettes. They are inexpensive, creamy, and super pigmented. They blend very well and I love the variety of colors. 

The 350 palette is the most popular and probably my favorite, but I love the 35T palette because I love love LOVE purple, most of what I wear matches with this palette.

They recently came out with Limited Edition mini-palettes and they are so good. Some of them are out of stock but I bet they will come back.
Coffee Toffee
Awesome Blossom
Copper Popper
Mama Drama
I thought I just wanted the coffee toffee but now that I just took a good look at all of them while I was linking them THEY ARE ALL SOO GOOD. I used my coffee toffee today and I love the mix of colors. They are so pigmented. 

I also am a huge fan of the Lorac Unzipped Palette. I have had it for two years and I'm starting to hit pan on a few colors, so it will probably be on my birthday list next August. 

After I have all of my supplies, I just watch 1-2 YouTube videos per day. I will search whatever the name of my palette is and then "palette tutorial". I just scroll through and pick one I like and try it out! Sometimes it needs up with me washing my face, but a lot of the time it actually looks presentable and I'm able to go throughout my day. 
I generally enjoy playing with the colors and figuring out what works for my eyes and what doesn't. It's a trial and error process, but one that I sincerely enjoy! I actually find it extremely therapeutic and relaxing. The YouTube videos have helped me the most and have given me a base knowledge of what colors work as crease colors, how to manipulate your brushes, etc.
If experimenting isn't something you enjoy, that's okay! The YouTube videos are usually really straight forward and really short. It's easy to do it quickly in the morning. Mainly, I think the key is having good brushes and a solid palette. 

What is your favorite makeup product? I am consistently unhappy with my foundation. Any suggestions? 
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Monday, November 28, 2016

having patience with yourself

Gotta love a good seatbelt selfie!
This post has been sitting in my drafts for a few months, being kept company by 777 other drafts! I'm trying to get more brave about sharing personal thoughts, so you might see some drafts finally get published, like this one! :) 

If you are new around here, I am a teacher to middle schoolers. The unit we are currently working on is about values. What values do the students have, what values do the characters in the books they are reading have, we have been reflecting on ourselves quite a bit. 
Many of my students have written in various assignments that they value patience. I have been thinking about that, because patience is something I do not have. It's probably the trait I have the least. I have no patience for incompetence on any level. If a person so much pauses too long at a stop sign I pretty much lose my dang mind. 
Lately with work, friends and life in general I have realized that I need to develop some patience in myself. 
I am not the best teacher, I am very much a control freak in my classroom. If kids aren't doing exactly what I think they should be doing, they are done for. Punishments dished out. If they take too long to get out their notebooks, they get lectured. Things like this that may make the kids scared of me and not misbehave, but it makes the classroom kind of tense and the kids don't really want to be there. I have been making it a goal to let little things slide so that I can establish relationships with these kids, something that can't happen when I am too uptight. 
I have had to re-learn this lesson over and over again lately, and i've become super frustrated with myself because I just can't seem to let some things go. I have realized that patience is a valuable trait and sometimes the person you need to have patience in the most is yourself.
I'm in the process of de-cluttering our apartment. It drives me pretty crazy that there are so many things that we don't use yet still have around. Our office is taken up by two huge bicycles that we haven't used once and it's just such a nightmare. My closet (two closets....oops) is contributing to this issue. I have so many dang clothes because buying clothes makes me happy. Having a new outfit makes me happy. But I know that I don't need 21 skirts. However when it comes time to get rid of some stuff I have been having such a hard time. I have really needed to have patience with myself while I go through the magic of tidying up or whatever the crap is happening to me right now. Major nesting mode I guess, for whatever reason.

I know that this lesson will only continue through life, motherhood, etc. I have so many things to learn about being a friend, a wife, etc, and I just need to have patience with myself while I learn all of those things.
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mini Getaway-Park City

About a month ago, Mark asked me if I wanted to go to the Lucius concert. I absolutely did, they have voices of angels. However it was on a weeknight (am I the only one who does nothing on week nights??) and it was in Park City. I knew I would hate my life the next day. If I don't get at least seven hours of sleep, I have a migraine and I'm constantly nauseous. I guess I'm just too fragile...I dunno. I just know that my body gets really mad if I don't sleep enough. I wanted to go to the concert really I just decided I would take the next day off and we would get a hotel room in Park City and have a little mini vacation! I was looking forward to it for the whole month! Mainly PC has a ton of good food and we were just so excited.
We went through AirBNB for our hotel and it was pretty cheap and right on Main Street. We just walked to dinner and the concert. It was great. We had a plan to go to this really good sushi restaurant. We were so excited. We practically skipped there. BUT YOU GUYSSS! They were closed. Apparently Park City is in its off season, which makes sense because there isn't any snow...but also its still really gorgeous up there? Anyway, it was closed for another few weeks. We found another restaurant that was miraculously open, called Davanza's and it was pretty good for us being prepared for sushi and settling for hamburgers and tacos. Haha. We went back to our hotel and I took a nap...and then we headed out to the venue! 
The concert was really, really good. We were right in the front towards the left, but they ended up doing most of their concert stage left for some reason so we were front and center. It was also 21+ which meant everyone was generally respectful and no one was pushing me up against the barrier. I got bruised ribs from a Cobra Starship concert in 2008 from such behavior. Haha! Except there was a way annoying girl that was singing louder than Lucius themselves, which was stupid. OTHER THAN THAT, the concert was so good. It was amazing to hear their voices in person. They also had a drummer that was making the absolute best faces, it was cracking me up all night.
 It was also really, really painful. Haha, standing for 3-4 hours is hard for me apparently. I am an old lady and basically had to hobble home and my feet were so sore the next day. 
We woke up the next day after our alarm gloriously woke us up at 9:45 so we would have time to check out. We walked to a breakfast place we had scoped out. We were so excited. But, you guessed it, closed for the off season! We were so sad. We hit this other place up on the way out of Park City and it was not great, so that was disappointing. But I went home and napped for a few hours and just had a general lazy day for the rest of the day. It was very nice! I also had a field trip the next day so it was a pretty chill week. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Weekend in Moab

 As I mentioned in my last post, about a week ago we started to have all these things coming up that were going to make November SO fun. The first was Moab. I don't think I've ever been to Moab, maybe when I was a baby...or outside recollection in general...but anyway, I went for the first time that I can remember. I honestly wasn't too blown away by all the rocks, because it just reminded me of Lake Powell. I have been to Lake Powell a million times, so it was, to me, exactly like that.
We spent one day in Arches and stopped at most of the stopping points. We also decided to hike Delicate Arch.
Everyone I had talked to about this hike said it was not a big deal. Some said you essentially pull up and it is right there. Let me tell you, that's not at all the case. It's a pretty short hike, but it's steadily uphill. I was really worried I wasn't going to make it for a while. I just couldn't catch my breath! I have never heard myself breathe like that, so I was a little freaked out. But, I made it! Right in time for sundown. It was really pretty. I also didn't know that Delicate Arch is on top of a big bowl, so it's a little precarious. People had their little toddlers running around and I thought I was going to die of anxiety...haha
Anyway, here are some pictures! I like traveling with my Sister In Law because she brings her nice camera and it reminds me that I should bring mine! 

I didn't realize that these little rock towers were purposeful until almost the end of the day. I just thought they were cute little things that people made!

 The coolest thing was seeing this at night on the drive back. You could just see the silhouette and it was kind of freaky! 

 Mark was so casually leaning on this rock and I started snapping his senior pictures haha

Right before leaving to Moab, our Just Porter backpack came. Just Porter has awesome backpacks that are really high quality and Mark was so excited for it to come. He would ask me multiple times a day if it came yet. My favorite thing about Just Porter is that for every backpack they sell, they fill one with school supplies and give it to a child in need. That just got my teacher heart, ya know? They will be a company I support forever because not only do they have a quality product, they have a cause that I connect with.

It was the perfect bag for Moab because it fit all of our stuff that we packed for the weekend, and then it fit all of our hiking stuff. It was really nice to have. The whole family took turns wearing it because everyone thought it was so cool. The clips that close the bag are magnetic, so no finger pinching! Super awesome. Check them out, they have a few different kinds! I really want this one. It's super fun and it has all the compartments I would need. Mark uses it for school, and soon to be work! It is such a cool laptop bag.
When we got home from Moab, I went to work for two days and then we were off to Park City for a small little getaway! More on that next time! :)
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Sunday, November 6, 2016

happy election week! (lol)

No matter who you are voting for, I think we can all agree that this week will be terrifying! Haha. I'm really reflecting on how to talk my kids through this, whatever the outcome. A lot of them are genuinely scared! They are getting all kinds of information from their parents, their peers, their teachers, media, etc and it's just messing with them! 
I am really content with who I voted for, but because i'm terrified of the wrath of social media, i'll refrain from publicly announcing who I voted for....haha!

This weekend went too fast and I feel like I got nothing accomplished, but I do feel like I caught up on the sleep I didn't get last week, so that's something.

We are headed to Moab this weekend and it will be my first time (in my memory!) because i'm not outdoorsie whatsoever. Any recommendations on mellow hikes? Also, any food recs? 

After we get back from Moab, we are having a mini vacation up in Park City. We are staying in a hotel up there, which I have never done before...and going to a concert! I want to do something fun the next day, maybe the Alpine Slide? It's just crazy expensive! So maybe not. Anyway, we need food recs for up there as well! 

Then I'm taking my students on a field trip to the Utah State Capitol. I've never taken this many kids [75] on a field trip before and I kinnnnd of feel like I'm not adult enough to do this, but i'm still excited! 

Then Thanksgiving! More importantly, then Gilmore Girls! I am pretty sure I'm the biggest GG fan in the state of Utah, and I don't know that anyone telling me that isn't true will convince me otherwise...
A lot of people are having a party to watch it and I'm like no, I'm locking myself in a room and not coming out until I have watched all four. So. That's me. 

Anyway, I hope you survive this week by focusing on all the things we're grateful for...or however you cope with sheer terror. :)

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