Monday, January 2, 2017

begging, borrowing, stealing.

Happy New Year!
Today I slept in and then put in a full day of working. Lesson planning, grading, tying up the loose ends I promised I would do over the holiday. I was having a hard time getting in the headspace of it all this morning, being majorly whiny and depressed and then Mark realized he hadn't fed me. YOU MUST FEED ME! Moments after I wake up, someone needs to give me a bagel or something. Anyway, after Chick Fil A I was ready to go and I went into major crunch time. I was done just in time to watch the sun go down on my Christmas break. I am excited to go back and get in my routine again! I have gained so much weight over this break and I feel like a blob all the time so I need to get back into normal life.

This weekend I worked for hours and hours on the education blog I told you guys about. I hired my amazing graphic designer, rodchenko, from Fiverr again (he did my blog business cards) and I highly recommend him. He only charged me $15 for a ton of work! He also is amazing at reading my mind. I told him I wanted a minimalistic but cute blog header and HE DID PROVIDE! Check him out HERE.

I also learned way more about HTML than I think I ever want to know. I definitely could not have done it without my friends Emily and Nate. 

All that to say, my education blog is live! It's called Begging, Borrowing and Stealing. Here is my little blurb:

When I was attending school for my teaching degree, my professors kept repeating over and over, "great teachers beg, borrow and steal." I didn't realize how true this would be until I started teaching myself. 

The teacher I am today is a combination of every teacher I have ever worked with, every educator who has shared resources online, every mentor I've ever had. I hope to pass along that knowledge and share some resources with you that will get your students out of their seats and closing their notebooks.

I specialize in 8th grade U.S History, English, and Gifted Education. Not only do I teach regular U.S History and Honors English, but I teach a gifted class that combines U.S History and English. 
Though my lessons have an emphasis for gifted students, I believe that all of my lessons can be differentiated for different groups and grade levels.

Lastly, I'm not an expert on anything. I'm not a super experienced teacher, I learn things every single day. I make a million mistakes and have to re-adjust. I have lessons that go horribly and I have students whom I cannot get under control. I hope to create a community that supports and inspires each other in a increasingly difficult profession. This blog has been many hours in the making and a lot of love goes into each lesson. Let's make the classroom a fun place to be. I hope that you enjoy!

If you are a teacher or know a teacher, I would love for you to follow along! Thanks for all the support, bbs! 
If you haven't, please take my survey about this blog
Have a great week!
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