Monday, January 30, 2017

book review: calling me home #rileyreads

The only books I read fall under two categories
-book club books
-books that the bestie style girls recommend

Bestie Style girls are three women that have the best taste in everything, but especially books. They also think I'm a creep, I'm fairly sure of it. I comment on their grams sometimes and they actively ignore me...haha oh well! They have good taste! 
So anyway, one of the girls recommended this book and another one of the girls commented that she read it in one sitting, so I knew it had to be next on my list.

This story is about two women, 80 year old Isabelle and 30 year old Dorrie. Isabelle and Dorrie don't know each other super well, Dorrie is Isabelle's hairdresser. However, Isabelle needs someone to drive her from Texas to Ohio with no explanation. 
The book has every other chapter from the different women's perspectives, and Isabelle's perspective is mostly flashbacks to when she was growing up in the 1930s. 

I'm going to be careful not to hype this book up too much, but I LOVED IT! I read it in one sitting, not because it was a "quick" read but because I couldn't put it down! It has been a long time since I read a book that I couldn't stop reading, so this was super refreshing. I couldn't really get that into Dorrie's story, but Isabelle's story had me turning the pages like a maniac! I didn't see the ending coming at ALL and I cried like a freaking baby, in the best way possible. This was basically the best of both worlds to me,  historical fiction and a really deep novel that makes you think. Read it immediately so you can laugh, cry and appreciate how far the world has come. 

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