Wednesday, January 25, 2017

book review: landline #rileyreads

"You don't know when you're twenty-three.

You don't know what it really means to crawl into someone else's life and stay there. You can't see all the ways you're going to get tangled, how you're going to bond skin to skin. How the idea of separating will feel in five years, in ten -- in fifteen...

She didn't know it at twenty-three."

Okay, when I summarize this book I want to be careful. I read the back cover and I feel like it spoiled it! So let me do a better job for you and just ignore the back cover.
This book is about a television writer named Georgie McCool. What I wouldn't do for a name like that!!! Anyway, so it's the classic "she works too much and is ignoring her family and her relationships are suffering." She decides not to go on a family vacation over Christmas to stay home and work which...upsets her husband. Understandably. So the rest of the book is about her trying to save her marriage. 
I was expecting not to like this book because more than a few friends told me they hated it, but I was already 100 pages in so I felt like I might as well commit. I actually really enjoyed this book, mostly because I related to Georgie SO MUCH! Every flaw she had as a wife and a person, I have. So it was interesting seeing her life play out and trying to be a better human while not sacrificing her work dreams. I don't know that it was successful in wrapping everything up at the end...but I felt like Georgie gained some perspective and was going to make some positive changes. It was also a fast read, I read it in a few days just when I had time before bed. I would say it's worth your time, for sure!

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