Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Years Eve 2016

Ah man guys, I just hate New Years Eve. I always have. I think I've had one good New Years in my life and it was last year. This year was good not great. We decided to go to the Jazz game with a bunch of friends. Every time we go to the Jazz game we get flash seats so that we just have the tickets on our phones, but this time we got them from Stub Hub and we had to print them out. A fact we didn't realize until we were driving to the game. We went to my parents and tried to print them out, but the printer wasn't working and it was so stressful! Haha! You should have seen my Dad just rip the printer out of the wall. It was really funny later on but not in the moment. I ended up having to run to my neighbors house to print them off (thanks Kathy!) but yeah, it just got off to a stressful start. The game itself was great! We won!
After the game we planned on going to Sugarhouse BBQ but it was closed! Bleh! We found another place to go and it was pretty good. 
After we went back to a friends house and played some games. We were all so involved in Settlers of Catan that we didn't even acknowledge midnight, which was kind of a huge bummer, but oh well!

I didn't get any pictures of actual people which again, bummer. At least I got some pictures to document! 
Hopefully our 2017 year will go better than the first night!
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