Monday, January 16, 2017

pink leather jacket

Confession time.
I am currently taking up two closets and a dresser with all of my freaking clothes....yet I rotate between like four outfits, and this is one of them. I really need someone to come look at my closet and give me a fresh perspective on my clothing, ya know? 
I am head over heels in love with this pink leather jacket. I feel like it is very on brand for me. Basically anything that can go with black jeans is my aesethic. Guess how many pairs of black jeans I own? Whatever you are thinking, double that. 
Anyway, I met up with some cute girls I met through blogging to take some pictures on Saturday. I felt basic x 10 but it was fun to get dressed up! In my reader survey, people wanted to see more fashion posts and I definitely took that seriously...haha! We said to bring 2-3 outfits and I showed up with 6...haha and that was after majorly cutting down. So get prepared to see more soon.
Also, Mark told me not to go with the choker but I was like, "it works with the outfit!" and then it was crooked in these pictures and I didn't notice. Fail!! Haha. Oh well. I linked all the stuff I'm wearing below. I couldn't find the exact pink jacket from F21 plus size section but I linked similar ones. I would recommend the BooHoo one because a few times a week it will go on sale for 60% off. My choker I am wearing is from there too, linked below.

Today I have the day off, as most do, and we are going to eat somewhere downtown (SLC) and then see Lion. Mark is driving for Sundance Film Festival this year and he starts working Thursday, and he has an insane schedule. I also have the busiest week of my life somehow with meetings, class, and book club so we won't be seeing each other for like another week! I'm excited for the stories he will bring home from driving around who knows who this week....we have heard some great stories from people who have driven in the past so I'm eager to see what happens.

Have a good week!

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