Sunday, January 8, 2017

weekend recap///3

This was the craziest week since I went back to school on Tuesday. Honestly this week has felt as long as my whole Christmas break! A lot of it has to do with the weather. In Utah, the snow has been out of control! I don't remember it ever snowing this much or being this cold down in Utah County. When I lived in Logan (in Northern Utah) I was used to it, but more south it's pretty crazy when it gets so cold. 
On Tuesday, it was so hard to get to work. The roads were so bad! I got stuck getting off the freeway and I was lucky to get out! White knuckles don't even quite cover it. Thankfully, the district gave us a late start on Thursday so I could get to work safely. Then on Friday the pipes burst at my school and water was everywhere! It was just a weird week.
Friday night  I didn't take any pictures (blahhh) but we hot tubbed at our friend's apartment complex and it was actually really nice. 
Saturday morning I went to City Creek to get my phone's battery fixed and to exchange that jacket I got at Forever 21 that Mark said looked like "Ed Hardy". The thing that sucks about F21 (other than they use underpaid workers and their quality generally is the worst) is that you can never return, just exchange. However when I went to get the cost of my jacket put on a gift card, the beautiful wonderful clerk told me that City Creek was the one store in the nation that was piloting money back returns! I could have kissed her face because that jacket was $50!! So that was so great.
I drove back home and the weather was fine, it even looked like it was maybe going to be sunny later!  
I did some cleaning at home and then Mark and I decided to go back to Salt Lake to eat at one of our favorite Chinese places. During this time it had started snowing, but it didn't look too bad from out our basement apartment window...haha! We left and made it down our street before we realized the roads were SUCH garbage that we were going no where. We also had exactly zero food in our fridge so we barely made it to the store and home before we hunkered down for the night. This is exactly why I hate snow! I am a control freak so anytime I don't have control, I'm NOT DOWN FOR IT. I was so annoyed it canceled our plans and made for a boring night. 
It's supposed to be a week full of snow and freezing rain and I hope that changes because I honestly don't know if I can handle another week of white knuckle drives everywhere. It wears me out!

Anyway, I digress. Here is our meal plan for this week!

Since I have gone back to school on Tuesday nights, we have a leftovers/fend for yourself night on Tuesdays.

Sunday: We tried to recreate the meal that the snow storm ruined from our favorite Chinese place. It obviously wasn't as good but it worked! You have seen the recipe for this General Tso's chicken on my blog before. You can see that post here. We also used the ingredients we got for Banh Mi and put them in egg rolls. So it was a pork, cucumber, cilantro, carrot egg roll. Very yummy! Then of course, cream cheese wontons for dessert. So scrumptious.
Monday: Mark tried a new recipe from the cookbook I gave him for Christmas. I can't post the recipe here because it's copyrighted and if Anthony Bourdain wanted to sue me, he would win. BUT! I found some similar recipes on Pinterest here and here. It was tasty. If you haven't had Banh Mi, it's basically a Vietnamese sandwich and it's very good. People get so sensitive when they hear a word they don't understand involving food. If that's you, pretend I just told you that it's a steak sandwich with a great marinade and yummy veggies and you'll be fine. Banh mi is one of my favorite foods. If you are looking for a really good one, go to Oh Mai in Salt Lake or South Jordan. They are the best there. When making it yourself, remember a few things. The first thing is the bun. That is the key to the whole sandwich When bun shopping, pick a really soft yet crunchy bun. Another thing is if you're hesitant to try it, don't put daikon in it. Daikon is a radish but some people don't like it. Other than that it is just really yummy.
Wednesday: Remember all that pork shoulder we marinated in the ramen noodle broth for ten hours over Christmas break? We saved it because it was easily shredded and used it for pulled pork sandwiches. TBH it was the best pulled pork I've ever had! It got extra flavor from sitting in the broth with mushrooms and other veggies and it was so yummy. I even ate it on a bagel because we accidentally only got one bun. 
Thursday: We did a repeat meal of Som Tom and Nam Tok because we happened to visit the asian store and picked up a green papaya. If you want explanation on this meal, go to this post.

Above is a grocery list for each recipe! Yum yum! 
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