Wednesday, February 15, 2017

best. week. ever.

You guys, I won't lie to you. Since the election I have been down, down, down. Down in the dumps. Constantly disappointed and unsure of what to do next. Feeling sad about the future.
It wasn't just about the election, I just felt like, "what are we even doing" like where are we going to live, am I going to stay at my school? Am I going to teach at all? Where is Mark going to get a job? ETC ETC ETC

Last week Mark had a interview and felt really good about it, then they scheduled him for a second interview and were emailing him all these questions so things were looking good but things had looked good we were using The Secret but also it was hard to be optimistic!
Well, yesterday when I was teaching I went to pull up a Youtube video and my messages app on my computer popped up. It was Mark saying he got the job offer! I literally screamed for so long (with jazz hands) and my students didn't know what to do or what was going on! 
So Mark is going to be working in Lehi, right down the street from where we live (but we still might move, our landlords drive us kind of crazy because they take our mail haha) and so that means we can stay in Lehi and I can keep teaching at my school that I love so much next year and maybe even the year after that! I told my Principal that when she leaves I will leave because I love her so much, so let's see if that happens!

Anyway, we went to Copper Onion to celebrate Valentine's Day and Mark's job offer. I have heard that going out to eat is nuts on V-Day but we made our reservation for 5:00 and everything was very calm and so tasty!

So anyway, moral of the story is I am feeling so chill right now like everything ~*~worked out~*~ and I'm feeling so good about the future. Yay!

Tomorrow I have Parent-Teacher Conference tomorrow from 1:30-7:30 (yeesh) and then book club (my fav) and then we are going to St George for the weekend! I'm excited to not think about Mock Trial for four days, lol. 

Have a great long weekend!
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