Monday, February 6, 2017


"is this making my bell sleeves look good? Mark? Mark? Mark?"

Oh man, this day was a m e s s. Haha! We got kicked out of two places trying to take pictures and then when we finally got to a place we could take pictures, the wind started blowing like crazy! It was so stressful haha! Mark had the best attitude through the whole thing so, husband of the year! Anyway, my dress is from Boo Hoo and sold out, but it comes back in pretty frequently. My shoes are from Cents of Style, here. Not affiliate links, just if you want to pick up yourself a gypsy dress. 

Speaking of, stress has been on my mind lately. I am the Mock Trial coach at my school and we are right in the middle of our season, our first competition is in two weeks and I am just a ball of stress! Sometimes I think stress is good and it pushes you to try harder and be better, but sometimes I think it's detrimental. What do you think? 
I am trying to chill out with Mock Trial because I think a lot of it is just about being together as a team instead of winning. Last year we made it past preliminaries and into the round of 16 and lost there, but it was still fun and the kids had fun even though we lost. So I am trying to focus on making memories instead of stressing about winning. So I went to Ulta on Saturday and bought three face masks and a hair mask and just namaste'd this weekend. Oh, and I ate processed cheese. Lots and lots of processed cheese. #bliss

Have a good week!
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