Thursday, February 9, 2017


The past few months, it seems I have been getting the message to be kind over and over again. I didn't really know it was a lesson I needed but I'm grateful for it nonetheless.
I've been reminded recently that everyone is struggling with something in their lives and could all use a little more kindness. I have had a few interactions in the past little bit with people I know that shared some really personal trials they are going through and it made me think about if I have treated them with the kindness they desperately needed.
 I also went to an education conference and they had a presentation where students wrote their deepest secrets that they wish their teachers knew on posters they held. It really got me. A few weeks ago I met with some parents of a student and they really shared the struggles going on within the walls of their home. With 300+ students, it becomes very easy to see students as just another teenager that comes through your door and leaves 60 minutes later. I was so grateful for the experience to see the struggles my student and their family face at home because it slowed me down and helped me see that student as a person, not just another teenager. It also made me feel so horrible at times that I dismissed this student or didn't give them the help they needed. That experience and all the others I mentioned have made me a better and yes, more kind teacher and person and I've been trying to be patient with myself when I'm not and remind myself about times I have needed kindness.

There are so many times I have needed kindness in my life and sometimes, as everyone has experienced, I haven't gotten it. Today was different, though. I had a big boo-boo in one of my classes involving an inappropriate ad popping up on a youtube video and resulted in the need for me to email parents and I was honestly so scared of the mean emails I would get back. To my surprise, I got back so many emails that were kind and revitalized me. 
The world is daunting. More often, I am feeling consistently frustrated and wishing there was more I could do to make changes now, to make people feel safe and accepted now. Truthfully, I think I just need to be more kind and spread good vibes from when others are kind to me. 

Have a good weekend! The weather has been beautiful. On Sunday, I wore this outfit and it was perfect for the sixty degree weather. You can find this cute tassel kimono on Cents of Style's website, and it's on sale for under $20, AND they have free shipping all the time. It's not an affiliate link, just a FYI! :) They have lots of new stuff this week, and they carry plus size! I just got a new skirt from them and that will be up next week. 
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