Friday, March 24, 2017

casual & on the go

Hello friends!
This week has been INSANE! Something every single night (going to our school play tonight!) and lots of little errands to be done before I leave for San Francisco next week. I feel like I haven't had a chance to sit down for five seconds. I'm so ready for spring break! Teacher perk for sure, a whole week off of school right when the weather gets beautiful. Not so much ready for the end of the school year, though. I am not ready to see [most] of my kids go...haha!
Anyway, since it's been so crazy around here, casual style is kind of how I have been rolling lately. I am loving the comfy shoe trend right now.
The only casual shoes I have are Nikes that are super old and I wear them to "work out", so I have been on the lookout for some cute casual shoes. Specifically I wanted some rose gold Adidas, but I'm a teacher and can't afford that crap! I found these pink sneakers from BooHoo and they were like $15! So I snatched em up. They definitely feel cheap (as all of BooHoo's stuff feels, TBH) but they are surprisingly comfortable, perfect for running around doing errands and stuff. They are sold out right now but I sent them a DM on Instagram and they said they are coming back in May, so keep an eye out. 
Another item I love for an errand run day is this babydoll top from Cents of Style. I was super skeptical when they sent it to me because usually babydolls make me look pregnant (very much not preggie, just so we are clear) but it was surprisingly flattering. I have worn it a ton since I got it because it helps me look a little more dressed up when I am errand running and other things.  Cents of Style also has a keyhole top that is really cute and comfy as well! As always, I only work with brands who cater to plus size ladies and these tops go up to a 3x.

It's very rare that this blog catches me with day one hair, aka straight. This is very weird for me, haha!

The trees!!!! My heart!!! My allergies!!

Side note: Last week, Mark and I booked a two week East Coast vacation for this summer and we will be going to BOSTON! If you know me, you know this is a very big deal.

You can get both of these tops for $19.95 shipped (normally $34.95) with the code TOPSTORY from Cents of Style. They will be perfect for Spring/Summer! Go forth to Cents of Style!

Thanks to Sadie Banks photography for taking these pictures on such short notice. She's a doll if you ever need anyone to work their magic! I love working with her, even if it's always raining when we do!
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