Monday, April 24, 2017

an easter miracle

I want to really level with you guys and share an Easter miracle that happened. I'm still not quite over the surprise and #blessings of it all. 
Let's rewind to a few weeks before Easter. We were trying to figure out our plans with our families. I was in a group message with my family and we planned out that we were going to do a BBQ! My sister asked everyone to bring something. People were responding with, "I'll bring fruit" "I'll bring soda" etc. 
I didn't care about any of that, I was waiting on one response. From my Mom. She would make or break my Easter plans.
Then I saw it. "Collette is typing..."
My phone pinged. This was it.

"Pasta. Salad"

NOOO! I cried. I thrashed. I screamed.

My Mom was not bringing funeral potatoes to Easter dinner.

The world got a little dimmer that day.

I went through the whole five stages of grief. I spent a few days in denial. I kept thinking my Mom had to be kidding. She would certainly show up with a pan of sweet, sweet golden goodness. As it got closer I realized that she meant business. 
I started to get angry, throwing casserole dishes in the road to take my anger out. 
I was pleading with the big guy upstairs that if he just gave me funeral potatoes, I would actually listen in Sunday School.
Depression was the worst of it. I couldn't even look at a french fry without bursting into tears.
I don't know that I made it to acceptance. I was still in a serious pit when I showed up to Easter dinner. I dished myself up a side of pasta salad, resigned to this mediocre life. 
Then the doorbell rang, and in with the pouring light came my cousin. What was in her hands? Casserole dish. Tin foil.

Could it be? My heart skipped a beat. 
She set her dish on the table and slowly pulled back the tin foil. 
Cornflakes beaming, cheese drizzling.
I was in total shock, I might have passed out, I don't really remember. It's all a blur.
People were congratulating me. I think Mark was crying. It was a beautiful day.

So thankful for my Easter miracle. It will be a year I always remember.

This was my Easter outfit this year! I don't care how old I am, I will always be excited to get new Easter gear. This skirt is from Cents of Style. I think that a quarter of my closet is from them because they actually have a really cute plus size section. I also feel like I owe them infinitely for all the pictures I take in front of their wall. This is from their line "A Fresh Cut Spring" and I got a few things from it!  I love this appliqué sweater, this lace up sweater and this embroidered jumpsuit.

Thanks to Sadie Banks Photography for these pictures, even though I'm the whitest I have ever been!! Haha! 

 photo riley-sig_zps51d1cb9c.jpg

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