Friday, April 28, 2017

be the good

Good morning! 

Today I want to talk about something that's been on my mind for the last month or so. It revolves around what we are doing in my classroom right now and how it's taught me all about perspective. We are learning about the Civil War in my history classes. I used to think the Civil War was so boring but this is the first year I have gotten really into it. We talk about the events leading up to the CW, what happened after, the nightmare that is the Reconstruction era, etc etc. The whole time I feel like I have been telling my students, "You think the 2016 election was contentious, you should have been there for the election of 1860!!!" and, "You think right now is bad? We had MILITARY DISTRICTS a la Hunger Games in the south because things were such a mess!"
 People in the 1800s were scared that their life would change dramatically, uncertain about the future, having drama about who was in office, etc. There were a lot of people who just didn't want to worry about politics, wanted to focus on their daily lives and then they had a war in their backyard. Things were really bad and scary! 
As we have been talking about the Civil War, and really all of history, I have realized that things have always been scary and uncertain in US History. Always.  (Except for the Era of Good Feelings....but that was only like ten years.) 

So what has made the US have good moments? People standing up. Individuals making a difference and finding other individuals who are also making a difference and getting together. I know my students are not going to remember the different battles of the Civil War or who certain people were and why they were important, and honestly I don't even care. What I do hope is that they come out of my class realizing that they can make a difference just by doing little things every day that most people don't do. For example, writing your representatives or educating yourself about something in the government and telling others about it. Going to a rally or writing about the issues you feel strongly about online. 

 Even though things seem particularly bad right now, I think that things are maybe no worse off than they have been in the past, and we have made huge advancements despite all of the hard times and people feeling scared and unsure. All it takes is for individuals to be the good, and we'll be fine.

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Have a good weekend!
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