Friday, April 7, 2017

san francisco day 1

Hello hello!
Right now I am currently sitting on my couch wearing a face mask and a biore strip eating a donut and drinking a soda with NO REGRETS because it's SPRING BREAK my friends!
On Tuesday night I got home from San Francisco. I went with a couple work friends who were down to clown when I found crazy cheap airfare. We were there from Saturday-Tuesday and honestly, it was the perfect amount of time without spending a crazy amount of money.
Before I get into what we did, I just wanted to make a quick note that the past two years I have sat on my couch the entirety of spring break while seeing pictures of people doing fun things and going awesome places. I felt horrible about the whole thing because I was working my butt off and yet couldn't afford to go somewhere on vacation. While on vacation I just felt so many intense feelings of  gratitude for Mark finding a job and how our hard work has paid off. So to me this trip was more symbolic than anything and that felt really good.
Okay, on with what we did!

We landed on Saturday night after having an slight flight delay and we immediately figured out the BART (not hard to figure out, but we were proud) and then took the trolley up NOB HILL (aka huge) to our hotel. The trolley was absolutely insane, you guys. We got to the top of a hill and there was a red light. The guy driving (?) the trolley had to crank SO hard to get the trolley to stop. It was nuts! 
Our hotel was beautiful! The nicest people I have ever met and they upgraded us to a corner view. It was so appreciated. 
After we got settled into our hotel, we headed to Pier 39 (that I embarrassingly called it Pier 49 for too long to actually admit) to get some clam chowder in a bread bowl. Why is this a San Francisco thing? I have no clue. Also, does every coastal city have a place like this? Boston does for sure. Just like a tourist trap type of place with weird shops like the left hand store and store after store selling t-shirts and magnets. 
I dunno what to do with my hands?

We ate at Fog Harbor Fish House. It had a ton of reviews on Yelp, maybe just because it's a tourist trap, but it was good! The waiter was extremely surly, so that was a bummer.
After we ate, we walked to Ghiradelli square. I am not a huge fan of ice cream and I'm generally skeptical of anything touristy, but it was well worth the hype, IMO. We went twice over the few days we were there. We got the Crissy Field the first time and it was soooo good. It had a whole cookie in there, plus cookie dough and oreo bits. 
After that we just went home! Right after I got out of the shower I realized I had a weird rash all over my neck and shoulders and I was beyond stressed that I had a shellfish allergy I knew nothing about....and then I was so exhausted I fell asleep immediately. Highly recommend just falling asleep while you are waiting to see if your tongue swells up. I was fine the next morning so I think it was just the body wash I used. 

Stay tuned for day two!
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