Monday, April 10, 2017

san francisco day 2

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We got up bright and early on Sunday morning and a friend who is local picked us up and after stopping at a classy local joint for breakfast (McDonalds) we headed to Muir Woods. 
Oh guys, this day almost killed me because LET'S TALK PARKING. As in, there is none. At Muir Woods or anywhere else. We drove around forever trying to find parking. We ended up basically bribing the parking lot guard and sacrificing our friend and she let us in, but I was so grumpy about the whole thing because I'm like...can't you just knock down a few more thousand year old trees to put in more parking? Just kidding...but also I'm not. Haha!

The woods were amazing and it was a great little "hike" meaning it was a walk with one steep area. It was so quiet which helped me to appreciate it more. It was just so peaceful and serene, a perfect Sunday activity IMO. It was also perfect weather, everyone is always happier when the weather is great.
My favorite display was a cross section of a tree showing how old it was compared to history. It made me geek out. 

After the woods we went down the road to Muir Beach. While I didn't get out of the car so we could get away with idling in a handicapped spot, what I did see was gorgeous!
After the beach, we headed to a viewpoint of the Golden Gate bridge. It was stunning! my favorite view of the bridge. I was just being a dumb tourist probably but it really took my breath away every time I saw it.

Then we headed to Sausalito for lunch. We ate at Napa Valley Burger Company and I would highly recommend. I had a chorizo burger with pico, guac and Pepperjack cheese. It was delish!!!! There was a weird little shop next to the restaurant that sold all of these miniature things and I wanted to buy every single one of them. There is something so satisfying about weird little things.

After lunch we went to Golden Gate Park. Several people recommended that we have something to actually do there, and I agree, so we went to the Japanese Tea Gardens. It was $8 to get in, and I honestly feel like it's a big huge rip off. I think it should be included in the botanical garden price. We were there for a total of about ten minutes before we had seen everything. So I would recommend the botanical gardens over the tea gardens. That being said, the tea gardens were pretty, just not $8 pretty. 

After the tea garden debacle (it really wasn't that bad, we just desperately needed a nap, a diet coke or both?) we tried to head to Baker Beach (more on that later) and couldn't because some cops were blocking the road, so we went to Lands End for another beautiful view of the bridge. We also saw this mouse trying to get this huge branch down a small hole so...we watched that for about twenty minutes.
After that, we were totally pooped so we headed back to the hotel for a nap. 
When we woke up, we were hungry but also still super worn out and weren't feeling up to going somewhere far away. I found a taco place that was close to our hotel called Nick's Crispy Tacos. Definitely my favorite meal of the trip. I loved the vibe of the place and it was delicious, especially their salsa which was free with a Yelp check in.
Right across the street basically was a dessert place called Loving Cup. I have never seen a place like it! It's like a traditional froyo place, but instead of your toppings going on top your froyo, they blend it with the yogurt. It was very, very good and I highly recommend it! 

As I put this post together I am like, "wow, we crammed a lot in one day, no wonder we got grumpy at the end" haha but it was a really fun day!

Last San Francisco post coming soon! 

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