Friday, April 14, 2017

san francisco day 4

We were flying out this day so we had a minimum amount of time to squeeze in some last minute things. I was also very ready to be home and eat a head of lettuce. Haha! We pulled a typical tourist move and thought the Full House house was one of the Painted isn't.  While the Painted Ladies are in the opening of the show, it isn't used for the exterior of the house. 

But here is the actual house! Bugged they painted the door green because the red looks way better, IMO.

Then we went to China Town. It was 10 AM at this point and a lot was closed, but we waited in this line for dim sum and dumplings and took it back to the hotel for an early lunch before we had to leave. Oh guys, this food made us all SO sick. We were still hungry so we tried to walk to a close taco place but our stomachs could not handle it. Mark says it's because we are a bunch of white girls and that could be very true, but nevertheless we all wanted to barf and every time I think about the food I get queasy. 
We felt like we had to get to the airport very early since San Francisco's airport is much bigger than SLC's, but because it is so much bigger they are way, way more organized and we were through security and everything in less than two minutes. So we had a three hour wait at the airport, but I didn't mind at all. I love people watching at the airport, we used to do it in high school just for fun! 

Overall, San Francisco was very fun and beautiful. We were the luckiest with amazing weather, no rain or fog any of the days we went. Everyone was so nice to us with the exception of the waiter from the Fog Harbor place. However, the city did not strike me in a magical way like Boston did when I first went almost six years ago! It made me realize how I really do love Boston...haha! I had different images of San Francisco in my head of being like a blogger's paradise with colorful walls and murals everywhere and while that's true in certain spots, it's definitely not true of the whole city. You definitely cannot beat the views, the weather and the ocean!

Thanks for having us! 

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