Monday, April 10, 2017

teeth whitening, bad and good experiences [GIVEAWAY]

A few years ago, my Mom got me professional teeth whitening for my birthday. It was the best present ever! I was so excited. I'm really self conscious about my smile because it's super gummy, I just have big gums! I actually considered surgery to lessen my gums but I'm really happy I didn't, I would have had horse teeth if I had. Anyway, for quite a while I had been self conscious about the color of my teeth, and I just really wanted an amazing and vibrant smile. So this was like the best present ever! 
I scheduled my appointment and went in alone. The worker didn't really tell me what exactly was happening, she just told me there were three rounds. She put this huge device to keep my lips from touching the bleach, it also prevented me from standing, put the bleach on and left the room.
About ten minutes later, I started feeling a burning and stinging sensation that grew from uncomfortable to excruciating. I was screaming as best as I could for help but no one heard me. I had tears running down my face because of the pain, and yet I sat there for another 25 minutes before the lady came back in. She asked me if I wanted to continue my session, not even concerned about how frantic I was. I immediately asked her to take my mouth guard out and I left, sobbing so hard that my Mom had to come get me. My gums turned a bright white because she hadn't been careful about where she put the bleach.  My teeth were so sensitive after that it was unbearable to eat or drink anything that wasn't luke warm, and my teeth are still sensitive today.
It was a horrible experience, and only recently have I felt okay enough to do at home whitening like white strips, which is what I have used for the past few years. I haven't had any problems, but my teeth also haven't been as white as they had that one session where hell literally exploded in my mouth. I also drink more soda since then and the soda stained my teeth, not as badly as coffee or tobacco does, so I'm lucky, but still. So I have been looking for other solutions to whiten my teeth at home. I saw a bunch of bloggers talking about Smile Brilliant and I started scoping out their website, thinking this may be the solution for me.
You may have seen Smile Brilliant around the internets, but basically it's an at home teeth whitening system that is a little more involved than white strips. The first thing they send you is some Playdoh looking substance to make a tray at home. They conveniently send you a packing slip that you mail back the impressions in and within a week, you have your custom whitening trays
It was really weird seeing my teeth perfectly made into a tray! Haha.

 So, to use, you first put the desensitizing gel in the custom tray and keep it on for about 15 minutes. This step was hugely important to me because I have sensitive teeth ever since that horrible experience, (seriously, my teeth have never been the same) so the gel was super important. I would not teeth whiten without it again.
Then, you put in the whitening gel. I would usually put mine on about 45 minutes before I went to bed as I went throughout my nightly routine. 
I saw results after one use. They sent me about five syringes of each kind of gel and I got 4-5 uses out of each syringe. I actually haven't even completely finished using the syringes. I do it about twice a week. I obviously have seen more results as I use it more often. 
Smile Brilliant is a great at home teeth whitening system that will get you better results than a whitening strip and is cheaper and less intense than going to a professional. 
If you have any more questions, they have a FAQ page on their website which answers questions about the desensitizing gel, the whitening gel, custom fitted trays, etc. 
Here are my before pictures... (yes I'm cringing, I have crooked teeth about seven years of braces, I've accepted it!)

annnnd here are my afters!

Looking at these pictures side by side it amazes me how much of a difference there really is!
I would recommend this if you are looking for a great at home teeth whitening system that gives you both instant results and results over time.
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