Sunday, April 30, 2017

welcoming all the babies with basic invite

In the last 6 months, about 14 million of my closest friends and family members announced that they are pregnant.
14 million might be an exaggeration, but it was a ton of people! It seemed right after another my friends said, "guess what! I'm pregnant!" It was pretty crazy, but tis the season I guess!
I'm so happy for all my friends and my sister (!!) who are pregnant. We aren't looking to have kids any time soon but sometimes you just want a baby to cuddle, and soon enough I will have my pick!
My favorite thing to do is celebrate with my friends. I love throwing parties for any reason. It's how I describe myself. "I'm Riley, I like to plan parties." 
Lately, there has been a lull! No one getting married, no reason to really throw a party. Now, all of the sudden, there is a bunch of new babies coming and so many reasons to throw a shower! I'm in my freakin element and planning all the showers! I can't wait to share them here as they happen.
To begin with, I am a firm believer in sending out physical invitations. I think it just shows that you put the extra touch in and people are way, way more likely to show up if they have a real invite instead of just something in their inbox.
(invites blurred out as to prevent any unwelcome guests.. aka creeps on the internet haha)

These invites are AMAZING! I was not expecting them to be holographic, but the gold is so cool! They feel extremely expensive, on really nice paper.
I ordered these from Basic Invite and am so impressed. First of all, they are like one of the few people who will send you a sample of your actual invitation before they print all of them. This is huge! I actually had a big error on my wedding announcement that we would have caught if we had an actual sample printed before.
I also like that you can change the color of any part of the invite online so you can see it right there. I originally wanted the grey in the invite above to be more of a blue since Mallory is having a boy, but when I did it online I was like, "k, this is not cute!" Luckily I could see it online before I ordered. Lastly, they have 40 different colors of envelopes that you do not have to lick and therefore, Basic Invite wins. Check them out for modern birth announcements, personalized graduation announcements, wedding and save the date cards, simple baby shower invitations and first birthday invites.

Have a good week!
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