Monday, May 8, 2017

anniversary, 3 years!

Mark and I had a great weekend celebrating both Mark's birthday on Thursday and our anniversary. It was actually the best anniversary yet! We had so much fun, considering the fact we spent the first half of our day with our landlord trying to figure out why our basement keeps flooding and pulling up soaking wet carpet padding.
I have wanted to do a ceramics class for a really long time with Mark because he took a bunch of ceramics classes in college and loved it, but everywhere I looked was either ridiculously expensive, they didn't offer one time sessions or both. I found the Red Kiln as I was googling around and called to see if a one time class is something they offered. They said yes, so then I asked how much it costs and braced myself, unnecessarily so as it turns out.
You guys, it was only $35 a person!! We had a private class that went for a little over an hour and a half and we got as much clay as we wanted! It also includes glazing and firing, which they do for us and we will pick up our creations in a few weeks. I made four bowls and a little cup and Mark made three bowls and a vase. Our instructor did such a good job with me (a beginner is an understatement, I think I ruined four or five balls of clay before I figured out what I was doing) and Mark (an expert!!). Anyway, it was so fun that we are definitely planning a big group date so that we can go again. Mark is going to sign up for their summer class. This isn't sponsored, we just had such a blast that I had to share. The Red Kiln is a small place and I would hate to see it go out of business. 
After our ceramics class we changed quickly and went to dinner at a Salt Lake restaurant that has been on Mark's bucket list for a while, Valter's Osteria. It's supposedly the best restaurant in Utah. It was very good, my favorite was this butternut squash ravioli and they also had this garlic and oil concoction for your bread that was nothing short of amazing. 
We ended the night going to sleep at 10 because I was so exhausted, haha! I almost fell asleep at the dinner table. My perfect night!

I'm so excited for this year, we have so many vacations planned and fun things going on, 4 years will be here in no time!!
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