Thursday, May 11, 2017

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Halloo friends!
I only have TWO (!) more weeks of school left! Time is absolutely dripping by, I won't lie to you! I am ready to sleep in, take my sweet time getting ready, read like crazy and not have to tell a teenager to put their damn fidget spinner away for the thousandth time.

Today I wanted to talk about some stuff that I just bought! Because I shop my feelings away! :) 

 I almost never buy anything if I haven't been recommended it, especially makeup. If you don't follow the BeYouty Bureau on Instagram, you should! I really trust her opinion on makeup because she buys literally everything (think 100+ mascaras) and tests it out, so she knows what the best things are. Cons, she insta stories while she drives every single day and it bums me out. ANYWAY! Recently I finally took her recommendation and ordered a few Colourpop liquid lipsticks. I got into lipstick a year ago when I started to wear Lipsense, I love Lipsense so much that I actually started selling it for a while. However sometimes Lipsense is a little *too* good. Like sometimes I just want lipstick to wear for some blog pictures or just out with friends for a few hours, but it feels like I have to saw my lips off to get Lipsense off. I heard these Colourpop lipsticks last 3-5 hours, which is exactly what I'm looking for. 
I ordered Midi, an ultra matte nude, Echo Park, a ultra satin, and Dopey, another satin lip. These are all dupes for my favorite Lipsense shade Bella (I wear it almost daily). The best part about Colourpop is that they are AFFORDABLE! I got those three lipsticks for $12 and free shipping. I am already picking out some reds and other fun colors.

The next thing I bought is some silicone beauty blenders. You have probably seen people slapping these chicken cutlets on their faces lately. I realized after I have been breaking out like crazy lately, which is not normal for me, that it was my beauty blender getting bacteria on it! I wash my beauty blender weekly and get a new one monthly but it still holds a ton of gross stuff, so I am excited to try these. Way more sanitary.

Something that has been on my wishlist forever is setting spray. I have never tried a setting spray because usually my face holds makeup pretty well, but with summer and sweat coming, I thought it would be time to give it a try. I ended up ordering the NYX setting spray after reading a ton of reviews, it seems the best for your money. I'll let ya know.

Speaking of makeup lasting, I decided to try a new primer, one I have seen on many beauty blogs as the best of the drugstore stuff. Maybelline New York Baby Skin instant Pore Eraser Primer (holy crap, could that name be any longer). As I have been getting older (still not that old so wtf) my pores have been getting huge and I'm sad about it. Hopefully this will make me feel like a youngster again....;)

I am trying to find some affordable summer clothes right now. I just did a huge closet clean out and I basically have no summer clothes. We are headed to the East Coast for a while next month and the heat and humidity miserableness is starting to come back to I am trying to find some clothes that will help me not die. This Cents of Style shirt is so cute, I love the ruffles and the pinstripe and the criss cross back. I also really love this lemon kimono they have as well.
This summer is the summer I buy red saltwater sandals!! I have brown and black and I'm obsessed with them.
This isn't really winter friendly. but I can't stop thinking about this embroidered cape from BooHoo? Haha, is it too weird? 
Annnd lastly just this simple embroidered t-shirt.

I just sold a bunch of clothes I don't wear anymore to Uptown Cheapskate (I have been going there since college, way better than their competitors *cough cough Plato's Closet sucks*) so I was able to get everything listed above with that money. We just started paying for our own health insurance (major groan) and now we are poor! Yay! So I'm extra grateful for Uptown giving me what my gently used clothes are worth.
Also, I have been wearing this pink jacket almost every day before I can't anymore for summer. I think my last day wearing it was last week, it's looking like eighty degree weather from here on out! 

My birthday is in August and I'm thinking about making my first big girl purse purchase with my birthday money. I have my eye on Kate Spade because they seem affordable for a designer purse. I'm trying to convince Mark to go to the outlets in Vegas so I would only have to spend around $100. If anyone has suggestions on how/where to buy designer purses, let me know! This is all new to me, all my purses in my life have been under $30.

Have a good weekend!

Pink Leather Jacket: Forever 21 (can't find the exact one online but this is similar and under $20! This one is under $25)
Black Body Suit: Forever 21
Black tulle ballerina skirt c/o: Uptown Cheapskate American Fork (similar found here, under $50)
Pink lace up flats: J Crew c/o Uptown Cheapskate American Fork
Photos by: Sadie Banks Photography 
Thanks to Cents of Style for letting us use their colorful wall all the time!
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