Sunday, June 4, 2017

short hiatus

Hello friends!

I had a trusty friend text me and basically say, "do you still blog?" which caused me to look (and promptly be embarrassed by) the date of my last post, which was a long time ago! Sorry about that.
I will be leaving next Monday for some travels and won't be back until July, so I wanted to pop on and say I won't be around here much for the month of June, but starting in July I will have a ton of vacation posts, makeup post, DIY post, in my cart and a party planning post coming up. So basically, you'll be extremely annoyed by me in July, so enjoy June while you can. ;) 

Photos above are the only ones I have taken in the last MONTH, which was at Lagoon day. Our whole faculty took one of those old-timey pictures, and the Lagoon workers were LESS THAN thrilled, as 16 year old Lagoon workers tend to be. :)

See you in July!

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