Monday, July 3, 2017

diva cup-tried and tested

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me start off by saying that if you are a gentleman reading this post (or my students), you will want to go elsewhere because today we are talking about PERIODS.
This post is NOT SPONSORED. Hopefully I won't get too TMI for y'all today.
 I feel like I am super "normal" when it comes to periods, I have one every month, they got more manageable, less painful, less of a pain after I started birth control, but I still hate them. 
I used tampons and let me tell you-if you are me, a teacher who rarely gets to pee during the day, periods are tough. I have found no graceful way to take a tampon with me when I need to pee during the school day. I have a 24 minute lunch block which includes waiting in a long line for the microwave, so it's not always a guarantee that I can use the bathroom during that time.
All that to say, some teacher friends finally convinced me to order the Diva Cup. If you don't know what the Diva Cup is, it's a silicone cup that goes into your cervix and you only have to change it 1-2 times per day. It seals to you and you can swim, sleep, do cartwheels, jump on a trampoline and it's not going anywhere, neither are the contents of it.
Actually, what really convinced me to make the switch is when I found an article online that said you are not supposed to flush even the cotton part of a tampon down a toilet, especially when you live in a basement, because they cause death and destruction to all plumbing everywhere. This was news to me and since I live in a basement apartment and our toilet has been being weird for the last six months, I am convinced I broke it. 
So at that point I was just 100% done with tampons. 
I ordered the size 1 Diva Cup on Amazon, I think I paid like $23 dollars. It came the day before my period started and I had just gotten out of school for the summer, so it was perfect just to stay at home and try this thing out.
So, it was time to put the DC in and it was the most intimidating thing I have ever experienced. I watched videos, got advice from friends and just kept trying to get the cup to seal. It wasn't easy! It would have a seal but not a super great seal, so I would take it out and do it again. I had to get very familiar with myself in this process and if you are uncomfortable with the idea of that, the Diva Cup isn't for you. Personally I think it's great to be familiar with your own body so if anything abnormal shows up, you know. Anyway, I would say the learning curve took about three times putting the DC in. After that, I realized what it should feel like and I was good. A few days went by and I realized I would never ever go back to tampons. Officially would evangelize for the Diva Cup. So here I am, evangelizing. If you have been thinking about it, just try it for two periods and I guarantee you will love it. Do I sound like an infomercial? Probs. I just feel like my periods are 100% better with it and I want to spread the love. 
Okay, let's break this down into a TL;DR. 
Pros of the DC
-Put it in, pop a few Ibuprofen's and forget about your period entirely. Currently I am writing this from an all day work conference. This morning, I put my DC in and I don't plan on taking it out until tonight before I go to bed. It will be just fine and I don't have to worry about it until tonight, which is good because I have been running around like a nut today. I honestly wouldn't even realize I was on my period if it wasn't for my insatiable hunger. 
-Do your business in the bathroom and it stays put. There is absolutely no need for you to take it out every time you use the restroom. 
-It's comfortable! Have you ever put a tampon in crooked? Yeah, that's a thing and it hurts. Once the Diva Cup is in I can't feel it, unless I concentrate on it.
-No more buying tampons. Like ever. 
-No chemicals.
Cons of the DC
-Learning curve can be uncomfortable. Again, it took me a few times taking it in and out and I just felt like I shouldn't be such an idiot and Figure This Out. It can be frustrating, but stick with it and it will be worth it.
-You have to put the diva cup in and run your finger along the top to make sure it's sealed, meaning you may have to get a little personal with yourself. Not necessarily a con, but I know some people are gonna be weirded out by this.
-You get very familiar with your flow. Again, not a con in my book. People say, "isn't it gross to dump the cup?" Answer, yes and no. No because I don't look. Haha. Seriously, I dump it, wipe it with a baby wipe and flush it all away before I can even notice. Yes because you might have to rinse it out in the sink if you don't have a wipe on hand, and also your period isn't totally viscous, so it doesn't always dump out nicely. However, as someone who gets grossed out by pretty much anything, I actually think it's much less disgusting than dealing with a tampon.
-Initial cost. Admittedly I didn't buy the Diva Cup for a long time because I didn't want to fork over the $20 bucks. Stupid, because now I never have to buy tampons again. 
-Make sure to break the suction of the cup before you take it out. Just press in on a side of the cup to break the seal. Trust me, I almost passed out and threw up simultaneously. 
-TRUST THE CUP! I kept taking the Diva Cup out to make sure it was working or check if it was full. It is. It's not. Leave it in.
-For the first time you are wearing it, wear a tiny pad so that if you didn't put it in correctly, you won't have any issues. 
-Watch videos! People have really helpful Youtube tutorials using Champagne glasses. It helps you troubleshoot. 
-Don't practice when you aren't on your period. Diva Cup itself tells you this and since I didn't listen, I had a harder time learning how to put it in. I don't want to go into a ton more details, but just practice when you are on your period.
-Just relax. You might want to tense up when you put it in or take it out, but that will make your life way harder.
-You can buy the fancy wash that Diva Cup sells, or you can just soak your cup in hydrogen peroxide and wash it with dish soap. That works.
BOTTOM LINE: Does it actually work? Absolutely. Again, I initially had trust issues with it, but it has never let me down. When I asked for questions on this topic on Twitter, a friend responded, "I love my menstrual cup, I forget I'm on my period!" I think that really sums it up. It's the most convenient thing ever, you honestly only think about your period the 1-2 times in a 24 hour period that you empty your cup. It works, it's great and I think that it will be the future of menstruation. Haha!
Okay, I love you all and I want what's best for you, so buy a Diva Cup and ship that ish via prime. 
Over and out.
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