Monday, July 10, 2017

East Coast Extravaganza: Boston Part One

Hello, hello!

June. Dudes.
June was freakkkking insanity. I was gone three weeks of the month. Not just gone but like...everywhere. Haha! So much traveling and it was so fun and also I'm still so exhausted. BUT! I wanted to document Mark and I's trip to the East Coast before I forgot everything. 
So we flew into Boston. We took a redeye which I have never done before. I can fall asleep basically anywhere so I figured I would fall asleep and we would be in Boston when I woke up. That didn't happen at all. I slept about 20 minutes and Mark didn't sleep at all. We got into Boston at 6 AM, had no where to go and were exhausted. Plus, Logan Airport rates the worst in the country for sleepable places. Seriously. There is a website with a rating system. So we tried to find a quiet corner to close our eyes for a little. It didn't really happen. A lady missed her flight and had an epic meltdown like twenty feet away.
Us, desperate, in a corner in Logan Airport.
Anyway, we Lyft'd to our Airbnb to drop our luggage off and cry that we couldn't check in to sleep yet. Then we went to breakfast and tried to feel human. It worked a little bit. We went to North Street Grille on the North End and it was delicious, so much food!! I had an omelet that I keep wishing I could eat for breakfast.
We decided we needed to make the most of our time even if we were deliriously tired (seriously-I was so sleep drunk that everything was hilarious). So we went on a harbor ride that came with another tour we did. I definitely fell asleep on the boat. Then we toured the U.S.S Constitution, Old Ironsides. 

At this point we were feeling sickly tired, so we laid down in a park like homeless folks and I fell dead asleep in the sun with no sunscreen on. It was a tough time.

view from said park
We decided to walk down to Mike's Pastry to get some treats and hope the sugar would wake us up, so we got some cannolis and decided we don't love cannolis. We walked to our airbnb and even though we had 30 minutes till actual check in, we went in anyway and immediately fell asleep for almost three hours, waking up starving, feeling much better and ready for dinner. 
We went to dinner at what is apparently a tourist trap, but also really delicious. It's called Giovanni or something like that... Mark had seafood linguini and I had butternut squash ravioli. So yummy. Don't be deterred by the line. We got Modern Pastry for our night treat and can personally testify that it is better than Mike's Pastry. Try the carrot cake!!!!!

very on brand that I forgot to take a picture of my butternut squash ravioli until I was halfway through
Modern Pastry goodness. My mouth is watering.

 After treats and dinner, we went to Quincy Market to check out what was going on down there. We sat on a bench and listened to music for almost an hour, then came home and went to bed early! 
Okay, I want to talk about our airbnb. If you go to Boston, you must stay at our airbnb. It was on the North End and a 1 minute walk to the harbor. It made the vacation for us. Here is the link.
 If you haven't signed up you can use our code and save $40. Find that here.

More Boston posts coming your way soon!
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