Thursday, July 13, 2017

East Coast Extravaganza: Boston Part Two

Hello, hello!
If you missed my first post on Boston, you can find it here!

So we went to bed early and slept in a little and we both felt so much better! We were ready to tackle the day.
This day was our big Boston touristy day! We got tickets to a hop on hop off trolley that I usually recommend to people visiting Boston. Honestly, it wasn't as good as it has been in years past and I don't really feel good recommending it anymore! Boston is a walkable city, so just put on some Nike's and get to it.
I really wanted to go to the Bunker Hill memorial as the last time I came here I didn't go up in the tower. So we decided to start our day with that, which turned out to be kind of a mistake because it made us so sore!! Haha

The view from the top was so, so pretty!

 but it also suckkkked getting up there!! Haha! It was 294 steps of no air conditioning and really steep steps. BUT! We did it!

This is pure happiness on my face!

After Bunker Hill, we walked along the Freedom Trail for a while seeing the city. We went during the Tall Ships festival, so all these really amazing and ginormous ships coming in was so awesome! After we walked a while, we went and got a lobster roll for lunch!

After lunch we went to the Boston Tea Party exhibit. 
 It was fun, but I wouldn't really recommend it. They made you stay together as a group even through the museum and it was really stressful because we wanted to leave. Haha! 
It was worth it to me because they had an actual tea crate from the Boston Tea Party in the museum. That was awesome! Other than that, it was just okay.

When we got out of the tea party thing, it was a literal downpour. If you haven't been on the East Coast and don't know how it rains there, it's unlike anything I have ever experienced! So we drug our soggy butts home to change and rest a little. I was still not totally recovered from our red eye, so I took a nap. Then we went to dinner on the North End. 
This was the best meal of our whole trip and maybe the best meal of my life! We ate at Panza. It had a wait, but it was worth it. I have never had such a meal in my life! It looks so basic but it was just about the fresh ingredients, especially the goat cheese. Ahhh, my mouth is watering!

It was still pouring rain when we got out of dinner so we decided to go see a movie! Haha, very great thing to do while you are in a city you have never been before, but it was raining and everything was closed so we felt okay about it.

Last Boston post coming soon!
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