Monday, July 17, 2017

East Coast Extravaganza: Boston Part Three

This was our last day in Boston and I was heartbroken! Part of me wished that we would have done our whole vacation here. It was just surreal to be in my favorite place with Mark. I loved every second!
We woke up early and took the train to Salem, it's really fast, like 4 stops. We did a little trolley tour and had lunch there. I just love the old houses and it's right on the ocean, seriously beautiful place.

the memorial for the victims of the Witch Trials. They were 20 benches for each of the victims hanged or pressed to death.

 After we got back into Boston from Salem, we went to Fenway Park. There was a Grateful Dead concert going on and I was sad we didn't come the day before like we had planned so we could get some pictures, but Mark snapped this one of me inside the store haha

After Fenway, we headed to a cemetery that the Boston Massacre victims, Paul Revere and several other important people are buried. I always feel weird taking pictures in front of people's do you smile? What is the most appropriate thing? Haha

After the cemetery we hung out in Boston Common, a big park area, but there were a ton of weird people on drugs that were making me really nervous so we went home to drop off all the stuff we bought at Fenway Park and to make a dinner plan.

On our way to dinner, we stopped at Quincy Market again to get a magnet (we are those people who collect magnets) and then did a quick stop at the Boston Massacre site. 

Again, a very weird thing to pose for haha
We had dinner at The Salty Pig. Very good! We split a pizza because we may or may not have had another lobster roll an hour before dinner..

After dinner, we walked through a Farmer's Market on the way home and we were so sad that we don't have a daily farmer's market in Utah. 
We got Modern Pastry again and sat by the Old North Church to eat. Look at this beautiful picture Mark took!

Then we walked down to the harbor walk and watched some of the tall ships sail around. It was such a perfect end to a perfect time in Boston.

It was probably the most perfect three days of my life, even when things didn't go according to plan.
We woke up Sunday morning and took a Bolt Bus to New York. That is the post coming up next!
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