Monday, July 24, 2017

East Coast Extravaganza: Washington D.C Part One

We got in to D.C late on Sunday and we pretty much just did laundry and fell asleep. The next morning we got up early and drove to Gettysburg, about an hour drive. I forgot how pretty the freeways are on the East Coast! Just all surrounded by trees. I used to get so lost when we lived in Maryland but it was so pretty it was hard to be annoyed. The country we drove past was really gorgeous as well. It was an awesome drive.
I also forgot how much I hate tolls, we had $38 in tolls!! Pretty crazy. Anyway, we got to Gettysburg and they have a movie that catches people up on what led to the battle. They also have a really cool and ginormous painting of the battle that goes in a total circle, so that was awesome. Then we hopped on a two hour bus tour that went so fast! We only got out of the bus a few times and it would have been fun to do the car tour too just so we could have seen everything, but the tour guide had a lot of interesting information. There are several houses and buildings that still have the original bullet holes from the battle! Pretty crazy. 
I learned so much about the battle itself, stupid generals who made stupid decisions because they wanted to be the heroes of the battles but ended up getting themselves killed, the fact that the armies left all their dead and wounded men behind and the town people, only like 2,500 people, had to deal with all of that. 50,000 dead and wounded! It's pretty crazy to think about.
It was also just interesting being in the actual spot of the battle. They started so far apart, like the Confederates had to walk for 15 minutes across the totally open battle field  before they could reciprocate gun fire. It really defined what bravery was for me, no matter the side you were fighting for.

Oh, and there was the beauty. It was so pretty on little round top, but again, weird to stand and smile when thousands of soldiers died where I was standing.

They have these memorials all over Gettysburg, over 1,000 of them. They signify different regiments and where they fought, usually where most of them died.

We headed back into D.C for dinner at a yummy Japanese place.

Then we went to Momofuku Milk Bar for dessert. It's the lady from Masterchef and Momofuku, one of Mark's favorite chefs. They make everything from Cereal milk, which is basically like sweet milk. I ordered the birthday cake and cereal milk twist and it was so sweet it made me really sick! Haha, but Mark had the best shake of his entire life. So I think I just got the wrong thing. 

Since we were staying in Alexandria we spent a lot of time on the metro which I didn't mind at all, they were always very clean and made a lot of sense, everything was well marked. We took the metro  home and got ready for a packed day!

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