Monday, July 31, 2017

San Antonio

Mark and I came home for literally a few hours before I flew back out to San Antonio, enough time for me to take a little nap and repack my bags. I was going out to San Antonio for a work conference which I feel like is pretty unusual for a teacher to do! So I was happy to go. I got upgraded on the flight from Dallas to San Antonio, which is very much my luck that I got upgraded on a 45 minute flight but I was in heaven!
Also, I had to drive a huge suburban around a city I had never been in and I felt pretty proud of myself! We also stayed in a really great hotel. I was obsessed with my room and went to bed at 8:30 unabashedly. 

The conference was all about education technology and it was HUGE. If you have ever seen the Henry B Gonzalez convention center, it takes up multiple blocks. I walked more there than I did on the East Coast. We averaged like 15,000 steps a day or something. It was so overwhelming because there was 22,000 attendees there and it was just massive, but I learned a lot and got a lot of useless swag! Haha!
In between the conference sessions we were able to do some exploring. Obviously we saw the Alamo, which was gorgeous. The grounds had so many pretty trees and flowers and stuff. Look at this huge cactus!

I really wanted an embroidered dress, so we went looking for one and found the best store EVER. Like, go there. Now. It was Fiesta on Main and it had so so many gorgeous tops and dresses. It was also just so colorful and made me happy in general. I came home with two tops as all the dresses had a weird uterus embroidery.

We did a Riverwalk boat tour and of course our guide was LDS and knew we were from Utah right away. He was hilarious!

 So gorgeous!
I loved San Antonio! So pretty and historical.  Also great BBQ and tex-mex obviiii.
One other story from San Antonio- one of the days I had a longer break for lunch than usual so I walked over to the riverwalk to have lunch alone. I ordered food, ate it and then as I was paying, the fire department had to come evacuate us from the restaurant because the place next door was on fire! It was so weird and it was moving in slow motion, they gave us napkins to put over our faces to block out the smoke. I didn't really understand what was happening, so I walked out of the restaurant and there was smoke pouring everywhere. I just kind of stood in one place before I realized I needed to get out of there! I could barely even see trying to get out of there. After I got onto the street level I realized my lungs and eyes were on fire! I shouldn't have stayed so long trying to figure out what was going on, I had a sore throat the whole next day. So weird!
San Antonio was super fun and I was beyond grateful to go and eat mexican food multiple times a day, but I was glad to go home and stay home for a bit! On the way home, the police were training bomb dogs at the San Antonio airport and it was the highlight of my trip? I loved it.
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