Thursday, July 6, 2017

Travel Themed Event

Hello, hello!
If I had an anticipated post on this blog, this would be it. I have been documenting via Snapchat the prep for an event I have been working on for a few months now, and today I am showing the whole thing!
Back in March-ish, my Mom who is president of the gifted student association in Utah asked if I would be a chair for their annual conference. Part of that job would be to plan creativity night, which teachers come to and rotate between stations getting really fast and awesome ideas that they can implement in their classroom immediately.  All I was told is that the event usually has a theme, the tables have to be numbered, there should be a program and prizes for different raffles. So that's kind of what I had to go on. Which is essentially nothing. So I came up with a huge list of themes and used Twitter to help me narrow them down. The three options was a candy theme, a superhero theme and a travel theme. Travel won by a landslide. So I titled it, "The Journey of Learning" and went with it.
I love how it turned out, I think it was really pretty despite it being in a middle school lunchroom. I want to give a special thanks to Freshly Picked, Cariloha, Swig, Sodalicious, Waffle Luv, Sweet Tooth Fairy who all donated a gracious amount of prizes the literal second they heard it was for teachers. Honestly I cried about the generosity. So I wanted to be totally sure to shout them all out. 

Something interesting, you can bulk order from Dollar Tree. I needed gold frames for my wedding and I went to about...13 trillion D.I's to find them all. I wish I would have ordered them from DT and been done with the whole thing.
Shoutout to my students who I forced to write all the country names. Extra shoutout that one student spelled Bangkok, Bangcock, and my dear friend Sarah (who just opened a Society 6 shop here) had to re-letter that one..haha

Lots of people were helpful in helping me locate the vintage suitcases, but the D.I in Provo ended up coming through. 

Note to self: remember a tablecloth so you don't have to settle for a random plastic yellow one.

Shoutout to my sister for all the other vintage stuff. She supplied the trunks and most of the globes.
Okay so the gift bags were a heck of an evolution. The details are boring, but basically I was going to do a lame and expensive idea until the idea literally struck me while I was driving to do a can of soda and pretzels, just like you would do for a flight, while I was driving. I pulled over to make a note on my phone so I wouldn't forget, haha! I found these cute vintage luggage tags on some random website that probably stole my credit card number and I will find out in ten years that my identity was stolen, but they looked cute! I had shredded maps in the gift bags as well, just to tie everything together. The pretzels were SO CHEAP buying them online through Costco. It was $20 for almost 500 pretzels. 

I made the postcards and programs myself, I wasn't super duper happy with how either of them turned out but people loved them so maybe I'm being too hard on myself. 

The table runners were a last minute addition, literally, so I wish I could have made them more ornate but time didn't allow.
I was going to do clear vases but I love the blue/green ones I found at the D.I, they looked gorgeous with the white flowers IMO.

And the flowers! I got them from Trader Joe's and they were so beautiful. We ended up giving them to presenters as a thank you and they were so grateful.  

I am already thinking of ideas for next year, and maybe the next year if they will have me! I love doing stuff like this, even if I prioritize it over things I should actually be doing. Oops. 
Have a good one!
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  1. That turned out so cute! You are so dang creative!