Tuesday, August 1, 2017

the time between

We haven't been home a lot, but the time between being out of town has been great! We definitely overbooked ourselves this summer but I don't do well with free time, so it has been good. I have seen a lot of friends I don't normally see..


 We had a beautiful 4th of July on a rooftop downtown. It was insane how many fireworks yo could see from up there.

We've eaten a lot, as we do.
 I won a Insta giveaway for a Salt Lake progressive dinner with appetizers at Stanza and the main dish at Currant Fish and Oyster. It was great but the dessert at Gourmandise was our favorite.

I dyed my hair pink and felt my true self.

We went to a ton of concerts...

 and I went on vacation with my family to St George, which I wasn't sure about since going to St George in the summer isn't exactly on anyone's  bucket list, but we had a private pool and it was innnnncredible. I loved it.

Summer, I love you I do!!

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