Friday, September 22, 2017


Last Monday it was 80 degrees, and then Tuesday it was 70, with the temperature just going down down down as the week went on. We are looking at temps in the 50s this week, people!! FIFTIES!!!!!!!
Fall, it does a heart good. It's been a long hot summer, especially so as more than a month of it was spent in humidity and that, I cannot take. The windows have been thrown open all week and I have been NESTING. Grabbing the sweaters that were in storage. Pinteresting fall crafts and recipes. Getting all the pumpkin candles. Trying make our little basement apartment as cozy as possible. I saw pumpkins outside of the grocery store yesterday, and honestly I teared up. Fall is perfect and beautiful.While I am quite confident I will hate everything cold in March, there is just nothing like this time of year. 
In the past few weeks, I have purchased some fall and winter clothes to get my closet ready. One of those items is this cardigan from Cents of Style. I have loved this company forever because 1. their colorful blogger wall (haha) 2. Their insta-stories are always very uplifting and 3. They offer plus size clothing. 
If you want this cardigan for 40% off, use the code FALLCARDIGAN! They have all different sizes (s-3x), styles and colors to head to their website to check it out. The code is valid until 9/24/17
We are headed to LA today for the weekend! I love our little weekend getaways together. 
Have a good one! 

Like a friend I follow on Instagram said, "My inner fall lover is doing harks. NAKED. Wearing pumpkin-shaped pasties." 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

elephant baby shower

 I can't remember if I have mentioned it on here, but my sister is having a baby! I am over the moon excited. Since we don't make boys in our family, of course it's a girl! I cannot wait. My Mom and I threw her a family baby shower last weekend. I was excited to use my new Cricut that I got on Amazon prime day for a little more complicated project. If you can see the elephants below, I made those and they were layer after layer! They turned out so cute. Also, I made those tassels below, which I made about 400 of for our wedding a few years ago and it took me a solid four days to make them, these ones it took twenty minutes so I don't know why it took me so long before...

If you haven't discovered the joys of Trader Joes and their $4 flowers, your welcome. I get them for every event. If I lived closer I would just have them always. 

I found this cute print on Etsy for way cheap! My sister doesn't love pink so I want to get some other colors involved. This was perfect!

 These tags almost cost me my mental health if we are being honest. I originally wanted the letters cut out as well with a pink underlay, but my Cricut was having a really hard time cutting out the small letters and it kept messing up. I almost threw my machine across the room and then I had the sense to put it away and come back to the project later. I ended up using the pen feature to do these and accepted it! Haha!

Cannot wait for a new little bb niece! I had a dream she came, but she needs to stay in for about another month! Plus I literally have the plague right now so I wouldn't have been able to see her, it was so sad! So I texted my sister to keep her legs closed. Hopefully baby will bake until October!
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Sunday, September 3, 2017


A few weeks ago I turned 26. It feels very grown up to be on the other side of 25, to have my own health insurance, etc. To be referred to as "in my late twenties" I thought it would be kind of emotional or hard for me to turn 26 but it was actually great.

Even though it is never fun to work on your birthday, my students were so sweet. I even had students from two years ago come visit and they are sweet angels who are all grown up now.
Mark really CAME THROUGH on my birthday. My love language is gifts because I am a monster, and he sent me flowers at work, got me a Yeti cup, some nice makeup brushes, and some Crude face wash because I really have been wanting that.
He also spent three days making me a cake. He's a good lad. 
We went to Takashi because I love sushi, and then we went to an escape room with all of our friends. it's the Hidden Chambers Escape Room and there is a groupon for it. I highly recommend it! 
It was a great birthday!

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