Sunday, September 3, 2017


A few weeks ago I turned 26. It feels very grown up to be on the other side of 25, to have my own health insurance, etc. To be referred to as "in my late twenties" I thought it would be kind of emotional or hard for me to turn 26 but it was actually great.

Even though it is never fun to work on your birthday, my students were so sweet. I even had students from two years ago come visit and they are sweet angels who are all grown up now.
Mark really CAME THROUGH on my birthday. My love language is gifts because I am a monster, and he sent me flowers at work, got me a Yeti cup, some nice makeup brushes, and some Crude face wash because I really have been wanting that.
He also spent three days making me a cake. He's a good lad. 
We went to Takashi because I love sushi, and then we went to an escape room with all of our friends. it's the Hidden Chambers Escape Room and there is a groupon for it. I highly recommend it! 
It was a great birthday!

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