Wednesday, September 6, 2017

elephant baby shower

 I can't remember if I have mentioned it on here, but my sister is having a baby! I am over the moon excited. Since we don't make boys in our family, of course it's a girl! I cannot wait. My Mom and I threw her a family baby shower last weekend. I was excited to use my new Cricut that I got on Amazon prime day for a little more complicated project. If you can see the elephants below, I made those and they were layer after layer! They turned out so cute. Also, I made those tassels below, which I made about 400 of for our wedding a few years ago and it took me a solid four days to make them, these ones it took twenty minutes so I don't know why it took me so long before...

If you haven't discovered the joys of Trader Joes and their $4 flowers, your welcome. I get them for every event. If I lived closer I would just have them always. 

I found this cute print on Etsy for way cheap! My sister doesn't love pink so I want to get some other colors involved. This was perfect!

 These tags almost cost me my mental health if we are being honest. I originally wanted the letters cut out as well with a pink underlay, but my Cricut was having a really hard time cutting out the small letters and it kept messing up. I almost threw my machine across the room and then I had the sense to put it away and come back to the project later. I ended up using the pen feature to do these and accepted it! Haha!

Cannot wait for a new little bb niece! I had a dream she came, but she needs to stay in for about another month! Plus I literally have the plague right now so I wouldn't have been able to see her, it was so sad! So I texted my sister to keep her legs closed. Hopefully baby will bake until October!
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