Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017 with Thred Up [50% off code included]

Happy Halloween!
I have loved Halloween the past few years. Coming up with costumes is my favorite! I am really into makeup right now, so I wanted a costume that would allow me to do fun makeup. I also spent a lot of of money on Mark and I's couples costume (coming in a post later this week) so I wanted something affordable to wear at school. I really wanted to turn something in my closet into a costume. I have this awesome lace bell sleeve dress from BooHoo that I love and I thought it looked perfectly witchy! I paired it with a hat and some tights I already had. I wanted to finish this outfit with some black boots. I was already in the market for some comfortable black boots for when we travel for Europe anyway, so I went looking! ThredUp has a great selection of brand new "Wanted" brand boots for a huge discount. Here are some cute gray vintage looking ones I am planning on getting soon! I also was able to get an eShakti dress for only $13, a black knit cardigan for Europe and this Victoria Beckham for Target peplum gingham blouse that has tags on it for $9.99.

A tip for shopping on a site like ThredUp is to use the filters! I have the filters on so that only the brands I choose (Old Navy, Target, Torrid, ModCloth etc) come up so I am not overwhelmed. I also have my size filter on. There is no need for me to see anything I am not going to fit in! That is also why I shop ThredUp in real life, they have all sizes.
If you have kids, they have great selections as well. I am tempted to buy this Red Sox jacket for my new niece, it's only $7.99! I just got lost in a black hole in their children's section and now I think I need a child?
I used ThredUp for my Halloween costume last year when I was Judy Hopps and so I was happy to use them again this year! Here is a post if you want to see other costumes from ThredUp for adults and kids. Shopping "second hand" like this is my favorite way to shop.

Use the code RileyJo to get 50% off your entire order on ThredUp until the end of November! Or if you use this link to sign up for ThredUp, you get $10 to spend!

So black lipstick looks weird when you smile.

I look like a freak but I wanted to document my makeup a little bit, it looked way cooler in person! My blending skills are top notch lately, I have been working on it!

 photo riley-sig_zps51d1cb9c.jpg

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