Sunday, November 12, 2017

size friendly brands: agnes and dora

Last week has was crazy, literally bonkers, and this week will be the same. I am getting really close to finish an extra endorsement I have been working on at work for the last two years and I am also getting ready to "level up" at work. All educators start with a provisional license and then have to move to a professional license. It's a ton of work! So I was observed three times last week in my classroom and I will have once more this week, plus I have had to put together a huge portfolio and it's just been crazy. I also had strep last week, and we are leaving to Europe a week from today, so we have a lot going on!
Despite all that craziness, I have felt inspired to create a new series on my blog that feature brands that include many sizes, so a traditional size run of 0-12 and then also plus sizes. This is not easy to do! Brands that have this often do not advertise that they carry curvy sizes, so they are hard to find but I have found a bunch that I want to start featuring.

It only felt right to start with Agnes & Dora, because this brand started me on my self acceptance journey. I had been married for about six months and in my first year teaching when I noticed I had put on some weight, none of my clothes fit. I could no longer fit into a large in most stores like Forever 21 and H&M. This was actually pretty devastating to me. I felt horrible and ugly. I would wear the too small clothes anyway and they would squeeze me all day, a constant reminder that I was not where I needed to be. I was going to the gym regularly but because of the stress of work and marriage, I wasn't losing the weight.

Meanwhile, a friend had an Agnes & Dora party and I went. I tried on their tall and curvy leggings and it was the first time in a while that my clothes had fit how I wanted them to! I instantly felt more confident in myself because I didn't have clothes squeezing me to death. I have been purchasing from A&D ever since (do you remember my warehouse sale haul? I still wear everything from that all the time, especially the pencil skirts). Unlike their popular competitors, they are not an MLM and you can buy their stuff online from A&D themselves or from one of their seller's websites, so you don't have to go through the hassle of dealing with someone pushy when you just want some dang clothes.
I have seen these floral dresses on a lot of people but I never found any that fit me appropriately. This is a XXL in Agnes and Dora (I'm a size 18 in jeans right now). It fits perfectly. I have worn it to school a few times because it's really comfortable, leggings material. They also have this dress in traditional sizes as well.
Erin Helley is who I buy my stuff from. You can check out her website here(and remember, no pushy Facebook party, join my team stuff)
These leggings are really cool! They are athletic looking and really cool. This is a really pretty babydoll top. They also have some really pretty black dresses like this Krafft dress and this Curie dress. And of course, my dress I am wearing.

Thanks to Erin Helley from A&D for sending me this dress and wanting to expand the vision of size friendly brands! 
I'm off to get ready for this week, have a good one!
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