Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Claus Family Takes Halloween, 2017.

Historically I have hated Halloween. I have talked about this on my blog before (past Halloween costumes here, last year here). With my anxiety comes an intense fear of anything scary, and I didn't really realize that Halloween could be cutesy. I think that the rise of social media helped, especially Pinterest, because then everyone was able to share all of their costumes.
This year I started thinking about costumes in August. I loved being Judy Hopps last year. The one thing that would have made it better is if Mark matched because we have a Halloween party every year and you have to match to win the contest. So I tried to find matching couples costumes this year and it was not easy. Everything is either cheesy or too weird. Finally I just gave up and let Mark figure it out. He settled on Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. He found this very funny. "Has this been done before??" Thinking we were groundbreaking. We were not apparently, a single vote didn't get cast in our direction. We even had our friend be our elf! I haven't laughed so hard in a while as I did while we were walking down the street to the party.
 Everyone in our friend group realllllly stepped it up this year and there were just too many good costumes.
11 and Mike

David Bowie
Jelly Fish and the guy from SpongeBob who says "my legggg, my legggg!"
Nana as our elf

We do the same thing at our Halloween Party every year, we eat and then we play Scattegories for what feels like hours. We each pitch in $5 a couple so that we can get prizes. We had lame gift cards this year, so next year we are going to step it up. 
 This year we also watched Stranger Things. I was really sick trying to make the best of it, so I slept through a majority of the party.

The winner of our costume contest was David Bowie!

We are already thinking about next year!
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