Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 wrap up//2018 word of the year

Whole outfit via Posey and Pence! One of my favorite companies to model for because the owner's house is BEAUTIFUL and they have a great plus size collection! There is a red dress that I really love on there.
2017 was really great, at least personally! As far as our political climate hanging by a thread, not so much. However in a way I am grateful for that because it has gotten me a lot more active and involved in the government, just as a citizen should be.
Okay, 2017. Mark got an amazing job that we are grateful for every day. I kept on keeping on at my job and explored some other opportunities of things I could do with my career, although I will be in the classroom for a while. I finally started taking care of my anxiety through a therapist I really click with (thank youuuu amazing insurance) and that has been its own roller coaster but it's been great to finally feel like I'm in control of something that has been driving me all my life. We were so lucky and worked hard to be able to travel almost every month.  We also started saving for a house this year, which is big for us. Most importantly, we watched about 150 movies this year. Haha!
As I think about where we are now, we are kind of in between a lot of things. I know that I probably won't be in the classroom forever, we hopefully won't live in this basement apartment forever, plus a lot of other things that won't come for a longer while like kids, etc. It's a weird time but I'm happy to be here because life truly is so good, very minimal bad days and we are just lucky for that because that hasn't always been the case.
I have heard "word of the year" floating around the blogosphere for many years and I didn't really "get it" until this year. I just felt like the same word kept popping in my head as I think about this year so I decided to make it "official" whatever that really means.
My word for 2018 is patience. 
I am probably the least patient person. I don't really know what it means to wait for things. I'm pretty impulsive in general and deal with the consequences later, for example I buy and return a lot of things. However, this year will require a lot of patience as we make sacrifices for long term goals. I want to be able to plan and be successful long term, so I'm going to really try to be patient this year and keep in mind all of the cool things that will come if I use this year not to be so impulsive. I'm not a goal oriented person whatsoever, but I hope that I can be patient this year that achieving some of our goals will not and can not be immediate. 
I'm really excited for 2018, I'm super optimistic about it and I can't wait! 
Okay, here is my year highlight reel. I have done this so many years now I can't even count. Although I just blocked my old blogs from the public eye, the ones that are public are 2013, 2014, 2015, and apparently I had an attitude last year and didn't do one which is sad for me. They are fun to look back on!
Went to a work conference that was very eye opening for my future career!
Went to St. George for the weekend!
Mark got a JOB! Like a career job!
Literally nothing cool happens in March because I'm in the midst of Mock Trial season at school. 
Went to San Francisco with some work friends!

Celebrated three years of marriage and Mark's birthday! 
Went to D.C, New York, Boston and San Antonio!

Went to St. George and San Diego!
Started my 4th year teaching and turned 26! Also had a somewhat traumatic life event which led me to start therapy, which I'm grateful for.

Went to L.A! 
Went to Vegas!
My niece was born!
Went to Europe!
Celebrated Christmas!

Bring on 2018!
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