Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

New Years Resolution: DOCUMENT.
Okay, moving on.
It didn't totally feel like Christmas, mainly because I do not enjoy a lot of Christmas traditions that mots people do. I don't like doing Gingerbread houses because they are messy, gross and fall apart. I don't like going to see lights because it's cold and I hate cold. We don't do Christmas PJs because I have so many sweats/leggings/whatever I don't need them at all and they would probably just get donated to DI really quickly. Anyway, so I just don't know how to make it feel Christmas-y! 
We have a friend party that helps, I got new tree decor this year which also helps. I put a tree in my classroom which the students loved, so I will for sure do that again. We watched a lot of Christmas movies and I always love that.
I was feeling very lucky that this year Christmas Eve came on a Sunday, which meant that my in-laws moved their traditional sushi dinner to Saturday. So instead of leaving before the check came at sushi to make it to my family party, we were able to enjoy sushi, play games and hang out afterwards and have a very calm evening with people we love! Then on Christmas Eve we were able to do the same thing with my family without coming a few hours late. It was just the perfect situation! 
We woke up on Christmas morning and opened our presents, just Mark and I! He got me a desk for my new "beauty room" and I got him a bunch of cooking stuff and some stuff for his "nerd shelf"
We spent Christmas morning at my parent's house and then went to my in-laws for dinner and games. It was a really great Christmas, probably my favorite since I have been married, despite it not totally feeling like "Christmas"
So grateful!
Mark took a picture of me making funeral potatoes for our family party, it doesn't come off super well in the picture but the kitchen was a DISASTER.

Thanks to Biscotts Utah for delivering this cake to my door! It was so yummy even though I crushed it taking it out of the box!

 I did a breakout box with my older nieces and nephews at the Christmas party, basically like an escape room but instead of a room they try to open a box with several locks. They loved it!

My baby niece totally has my heart! She is so cute!

Mark and I brought a delicious charcuterie plate to Christmas dinner!

I realized we got 0 pictures of us at any point during the Christmas season so here is our cute before bed selfie...hahah!

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