Sunday, December 31, 2017

ebates: free cash back shopping (not sponsored)

If you are reading this on your phone, stop! You have to sign up from a desktop computer.
A few weeks ago I posted on insta story that I had purchased something online and my cash back from ebates had come through minutes later. I have never had so many DMs in my life asking what ebates is, is it free, what is the catch, etc. So I did a little insta story of what it was and how to sign up, then I got more DMs that they missed my insta story and so here I am, spreading the gospel of ebates!
If you sign up using my link, you get $10 after your first purchase. Click here.  What is ebates and how do they do it?
Ebates is a cash back shopping tool. NOT A CREDIT CARD. I REPEAT, NOT A CREDIT CARD. Free to use! No fee! yay! When you online shop (and in store, I will get to that later) you click on a ebates affiliate link that you install in your browser bar. When you make a purchase, ebates gets a certain percentage commission. Instead of keeping the entire commission (this is how many bloggers make money) they split it with you! Pretty smart! 
For example, I recently bought a winter coat from Columbia. It was $49.99 and I got $2.50 back from  ebates. It isn't much, but I use ebates on every single purchase I make online, so it adds up. Right now I have $60 waiting to cash out. 

Okay, how do I get it?
1. Click on this link and after your first purchase it will give you $10! 
2. Sign up using that link. If it asks for my email, it's
3. After signing up, open up google chrome and go to their webstore (you can click here or I just google it)
4. On the left hand side it says "search the webstore" type in ebates.
5. It will be the first result. There is a blue ADD TO CHROME button. Click that and it will download. 
6. It will pop up in your chrome bar.

Okay, how do I use it?
When you go to a website, a popup will come up saying "active ___% back" all you have to do is click on it and you're done. 
After you make a purchase, it can take minutes like the purchase I described above or a few weeks to get your cash back. Usually mine is a day or two. These amounts accumulate and then every three months ebates sends you a "big fat check" aka they just deposit money into my PayPal. 

Coupon codes and Ebates
The other reason I really like ebates is it finds coupon codes for you. Instead of googling "ulta coupon code" ebates finds them for you. After you activate your cash back and you go to check out, sometimes (not always, but most of the time) a little button comes up that says "APPLY COUPONS"
Just click that and it automatically puts coupon codes in and sticks with the best one. It saves you money and gives you cash back! 

Ebates website
I look at ebates website daily because they have different stores with double cash back. For example, right now Nike is 10% cash back instead of the usual 1.5%, so if I have had my eye on some shoes it would be a good time to get them! 

In store cash back
You can hook your credit cards/debit cards up to the ebates app and anytime you purchase something that the offer in store cash back on, you get cash back. I know people who use this and some who don't like the idea of it, but I just signed up for it so I will let you know. Again, it's free. 

Other tips!
-We use ebates anytime we book travel. For example, expedia is up to 10% cash back. When we booked our big east coast trip, we got 7% cash back. 
-We just purchased a big expensive desk from Ikea. Instead of just going to the store to buy it, buy it online, use ebates for cash back, and pick it up at the store. 
-When you google something, look for the ebates cash back signal and only buy from stores that are compatible with ebates if you can! See example below of when I searched "pink coat"
-Again, check the website every so often and see if any stores you like are doing double cash back
-Use my code to sign up and you will get $10 after your first purchase. 

Let me know if you have any questions, I love saving people money! 
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