Wednesday, December 6, 2017

europe: amsterdam day one

We just got home last Sunday from a whirlwind of a week in Europe. I had a friend who did the same type of trip and described it as a dream...mainly because we were so jet lagged and slap happy the entire time. It doesn't really feel real that we went!
 Sometime last year we found a really good deal to fly into Amsterdam over Thanksgiving and jumped at the chance. I have never been out of North America so this trip was a big one.
Because we got our tickets so cheap, we had three layovers. It's worth it to pay extra to not have all of those layovers, for the record. We flew from Salt Lake to Dallas and then Dallas to London and London to Amsterdam on the way there.
The flight was so hard for me, my biggest fear is the ocean and the flight was so turbulent I just kept thinking we were for sure going to crash into the ocean. I cried so many times but the British flight attendant was so nice and comforting and I should have hugged him when we landed. I also legitimately enjoyed the airplane food and it was weirdly very comforting to eat lasagna and caramel dessert. I feel like I honestly blacked out the rest of the flight because I took a sleeping pill and then proceeded not to sleep but went into this weird crazy I mean...we made it! We had a 3 hour layover in London and I definitely forgot to take my liquids out of my bag when we went through security-I'm totally that person. 
We did finally make it to Amsterdam and I laughed really hard that the customs people were like male models, you for sure don't see that in America. People in Europe are just generally more attractive I realized, I think it is because people dress way better. Also, every airport in Europe has a mall in it it seems, or at least the three different ones we went to, like huge malls with the public shopping! I feel like it would be smart to separate airports and public spaces...but maybe not. We were eventually able to figure out the train system and get to our hotel in the city. 
ANYWAY! When we got to Amsterdam, it was about 3 in the afternoon and it was the coldest we were our entire trip! It was raining/sleeting and we didn't have coats on. We got to our hotel and they were drilling something in the hotel, it was so loud we couldn't hear a single thing our guy was saying. He gave us our room key and we went to our room and we tried to turn on the lights. They didn't work. We were like, "um, what the heck, the power is out!" but we didn't even care and showered and took a nap, even with the drilling I fell asleep. When we woke up we couldn't believe our power was still out! Then we realized there was a weird box on the wall that looked card shaped so we put our room key card in it. Boom! Lights! The guy must have explained this when we checked in but we couldn't hear him. This was at every hotel we stayed in, does anyone know why?? 
We were still exhausted when we woke up from our nap but we wanted to force ourselves to stay awake, so we went to try to find dinner. We found this french place, they kind of scrambled to seat us and we were confused until we realized it was like 4:30 and they probably just opened, it felt like 10:00 at night to us! So we had a great and weird meal. It was a lot of things that we weren't totally sure what we were eating. The thing with the quail egg is a fish mashed potato. It was really good but also weird. My main dish (the second picture) was a fish dish. Mark got a steak thing I think, but it also had super weird veggies. Our dessert was really good. We also had our first experience being really confused that they don't have free water in Europe and will absolutely judge you if you ask for tap water. 
It also took three hours! Eating in Europe just takes a lot longer because they aren't so rushed.

After dinner it was an acceptable enough hour to go to bed, so we walked back to our hotel (through the red light district, oops) and even though it was gross (they don't exaggerate about Amsterdam) they had it decorated cute for Christmas. 
We went to sleep at 9 and slept until 11 AM the next day...traveling is tough!
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