Saturday, December 16, 2017

europe: paris day one

view from our airbnb window
Our train ride to Paris was so fun, we saw all these cool parts of rural France and Netherlands. The world is so big and cool.
We got to Paris and went to check in to our airbnb. It was really close to the Louvre and we had some cool resterautns and a delicious bakery. However, I have never stayed in an airbnb that was someone's home, not just a vacation rental and it was super weird. I don't know that I will do that again. I just felt weird seeing our hosts's stuff everywhere.
After we got settled and ate at this restaurant where we formally decided that we are not fans of the food in Europe, we decided to figure out the subway system and go to the catacombs. This was so freaky, not because there were actual bones everywhere but because it was SO far underground. We were beneath the subway and the sewer system and I just was so freaking claustrophobic. I did my best to ignore it! We walked for almost a mile through these hallways of stacked bones, real bones. These pictures suck because they would just have a lantern every few feet, but it was so creepy and cool. I honestly have no idea what they were and why they were down there, the tour was not really informative and the plaques they had were so long, like floor to ceiling of text, so we didn't really take the time to read. We mostly just walked and walked! They had the bones of a lot of people who died in the French Revolution guillotining, so that was cool! It was a quick activity that was way worth it! 

I debated putting this story on the blog but this is my only method of journaling and it was probably one of the funniest moments of my life, so I will put it on here. I'm not embarrassed by it at all because everyone has a poop story and if you don't, you're lying. I just know it may not be everyone's favorite thing to read!
So after the catacombs we decided to head to the Louvre area and kind of just walk around. I was kind of feeling weird at this point, but we took the subway to the area we were wanting to go to. As soon as we got above ground and were almost at the river, I was like "um, I need to use the bathroom. now." and so Mark was like okay yeah maybe we will run into one soon. I was like "nope, I literally cannot move. I need a bathroom NOW." Mark realized the seriousness of the situation after he tried to get me to walk and I refused to move. He was running in stores, looking for the public bathrooms that you have to pay for, doing everything possible to locate a bathroom. No bathroom. I even tried to bribe this guy to let us use the bathroom in his store. He wasn't impressed. I was extremely, extremely desperate at this point so I called us an uber to take us back to our airbnb which was less than 5 minutes away from where we were by car. Our freaking uber driver got lost or something, we waited for him for over 10 minutes and I finally decided to just cancel it and I guess in Paris if you cancel you have to pay like $10 euro or something, but at this point I didn't care. Mark managed to wave down a cab driver and he got us to our airbnb so fast and just in time. We couldn't leave the airbnb for the rest of the night! Throughout this whole thing Mark was laughing so hard and I was both laughing and swearing and crying. At one point I was just holding my stomach moaning in the middle of the sidewalk and then I looked up and the Eiffel Tower was right there all sparkly and I was like "OH MY GOSH LOOK!" and then I went back to moaning in pain. It was a had to be there moment, but we were just laughing so freaking hard. 
The next morning I was still feeling so strange so I went to a pharmacy and asked for "pepto bismol" and even though the man didn't speak a lick of English, he knew exactly what I needed and I felt a lot better. Bless that man. 
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