Wednesday, December 20, 2017

europe: paris day two

Oh man! Day two in Paris and we went petal to the metal! We got up and went to Notre Dam first. We opted to walk instead of taking the subway so we could see more of Paris, best decision! If you are short on time somewhere, this is a great way to make the mots of it. 
I was impacted by Notre Dam way more than I thought I would be. Maybe it's just because it's so old and Europe is just so much older than the U.S, everything just struck me as that much cooler because it was so old.
The Notre Dam was also the most heavily guarded thing we saw during our time in Paris. So many guards with huge machine guns. At first I was alarmed but then I was happy they were there.
It was very interesting that is still a functioning church. They had confessionsn boxes that were glass on all sides and people were confessing with tourists coming and going and taking pictures. I thought that was kind of strange, but maybe it's less intense than a LDS "confession." I also appreciated the glass all around for obvious reasons. 
A lot of people were there praying and worshipping, it was very beautiful! 

After Notre Dam, we hopped over to the Louvre. I want to take this moment to direct you to the Louvre scene of a great Mary Kate and Ashley movie, Passport to Paris.
Minus the bad CGI, that is kind of how we felt. I never realized that the Louvre was so ginormous. You could literally spend weeks in there. We were stoked to be there for the first hour and a half and then we started to get hungry...and sleepy..and loopy...and then we were like "get me out of here."I could see how you would fall in love if you knew anything about art. Mark and I, however, are ignorant swine who know nothing.

Can I put in a plug for going to Europe in the "off" season? We had beautiful weather and there were no lines for anything. We could walk right up to the divider of the Mona Lisa and not even need to fight anyone.
Also, if you want to hate our generation, go to something like this. We sat on a bench and watched a girl take selfies with the Mona Lisa for over 20 minutes. 

Is it too much to ask to find an amazingly old piece of art buried in my backyard and become and instant millionaire? 

After the Louvre we took a quick uber ride to the Eiffel tower (also, why are all the taxis and ubers in Europe so nice? I don't think we rode in anything less than a BMW) 
The Eiffel Tower was so unreal! I was sad that they had the grassy area fenced off so we couldn't have a picnic, butttt it was also raining and that wouldn't have really worked.
We also went through three security checkpoints, which made me feel really safe. 
So you enter through a leg of the tower and then they put you in a two story elevator that takes you to the middle of the tower. You can walk around in it, there is a place to eat and shops there, etc.  Then you can opt to get a ticket to go to the very tippy top, and I promise you I almost passed out. I hate heights, and the elevator ride was so long! It's also inside the leg of the Eiffel tower, so you can see how high you are getting. It was super windy and I was kind of freaking out, but eventually I calmed down and enjoyed the absolutely incredible views. It was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. 

After we were finished at the top, we tried to find a good place for a picture and we also tried to find people to take our picture. It didn't really work out super well and I'm moderately sad that this is the picture we got of the two of us (how do you nicely tell strangers not to bend down when they take your picture?? Worst angle!) Oh well. 

Some other shots from the day...

we never quite figured out what this building was, but it sure was pretty.

Mark had me pose with my sandwich

While we were going about our day I kept thinking "is this even real life??" it was truly such a dream to explore the city. 
wW were so exhausted this night that we didn't want to go eat somewhere (eating in Europe takes hours which sometimes is great and other times is very bad) so we stopped at a grocery store (side note, on the way to the grocery store I saw this dad holding a basket, I assumed a basket of groceries and when I looked inside it was a BABY. I was laughing so hard) and picked up some brie, bread and meat. While we were in the store we noticed it smelled sort of strange, and when we got home and opened the brie we realized that was the smell. It smelled SO bad. I was gagging hard. I wouldn't eat it, but Mark did and he said it tasted like carrots or broccoli. All the brie we had in Paris tasted like that, which is weird because I normally love brie. It must be all the weird chemicals Americans put in our stuff.
So since I was hungry, starving at this point, I went back to the grocery store and picked up a delightful dinner of baby bell cheese, pringles, a huge a$$ toblerone (I thought it was tiny when I asked the cashier to hand it to was NOT) and cup a noodle. 
Last Europe post coming soon!
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