Monday, January 1, 2018

a woman must have money and a room of her own

(Okay, Virginia Woolf tortured me throughout my English major career, however this quote is for sure something I can be on board with.)
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We live in a basement apartment. It's very nice, but it's small. There is no real storage to speak of. Our second bedroom became our "catch all" room where anything we didn't know what to do with was thrown in this room and forgotten about. It is also where my closet is because our bedroom one is too small. Lastly in this room is my desk where I grade and get ready. It was a room that gave me extreme anxiety because it was just a mess. It made me feel like we needed to move because we just can't fit in this house. I took to Snapchat one day complaining about this room and asking for help. It was the nip in the butt that I needed to go through every inch of the room and organize it. We ended up throwing out or donating seven garbage bags worth just from this room alone. After we majorly simplified, I reorganized the whole space. Although it still functions as a storage room to some degree, everything has a place. I bought bins for our craft supplies, board games, etc. I organized my shoes that were previously everywhere, we cleaned out and simplified our bookshelves (bookshelves are inherently cluttered and I hate them) and the room feels a lot more intentional.
Coincidentally, this happened the same time that Mark was asking what I wanted for Christmas. I realized the $20 Ikea desk and folding chair that I had was just not cutting it for the amount of hours I spend at my desk. So I asked for a better Ikea desk, with drawers for storage. I asked for some other types of storage for my hair stuff from my in-laws and I used some Christmas money to buy my modern pink velvet chair that I love.
While the whole room isn't perfect I love my corner and it's a huge improvement from before!
This nail polish organizer is really fun!

This gives me motivation to buy more lipsticks, probably the last thing I need haha
Judy Hopps' temporary home until all my feminist funkos come in and I start a shelf. I have Leslie Knope, Rey, Princess Leia, Mulan, Wonder Woman, etc. Also, not my baby. Haha!

The reality is that unless you have parents who are overly helpful, you will probably rent at some point in your life. I have never lived in an apartment where it was "chill" to paint the walls or do whatever, so we have had to work with what we have. There is a lack of that on Pinterest or Instagram because it's not always pretty. People only want to see new houses with all white everything and that just isn't going to be us for a while. I decided it was important to me to be happy in our space now instead of having everything be "when we get a house..." and even though somethings are still like that for sure, at least I have this little room!
lipgloss organizer//acrylic drawer set, smaller one here///necklace holder, sold out, similar here///alex ikea desk///chair, single, double///hair accessory organizer///judy hopps funko pop///nail polish organizer///gold mirror///society 6 print///brush holder (still on my list to buy)
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