Monday, April 2, 2018

third love: my unsponsored opinion

If you haven't heard of Third Love, then most likely you also aren't a podcast listener. I, on the other hand, am an avid podcast listener and therefore Third Love is shoved down my throat at all times when I'm trying to enjoy my free entertainment. Aside from podcast hosts who are getting paid to tell me that they love this brand, I really didn't know very many people in real life that wear Third Love bras. So I decided to try them out and be the martyr of the boobs, if you will. So, feeling ready to take on this noble cause, I went on their website and took their fit finder quiz. Turns out I am in the 15% of women who are actually in their right size! Wahoo! Then, everything took a terrible turn and Third Love regretfully informed me that they didn't have my size. Wah Wah. It was a bummer, for a company who really puts themselves behind the whole "every body is beautiful" campaign, it seems like they really have a long way to go. 
This was in November or so. Then a while ago I came across a sponsored ad for them again saying they expanded their sizing! I tried again and I am the biggest size that they have, which is still obnoxious, but they do have my size! So I ordered the "try before you buy" where you just pay $3 for shipping and if you don't like it, you can send it back. If you do like it, keep it and pay $68 after the trial is over. 
So yeah, it's pricey. I would literally never pay that much for anything. Which is why I kept hesitating. It took me two weeks of the bra sitting in my cart to actually do it. The only reason I did is because I had a bad bra day and couldn't take it anymore. My back hurt all the time, I got headaches and I just had a feeling it was because I was wearing Nordstrom and Victoria Secret bras that really didn't fit. 
So I ordered the new bra, and it came beautifully packaged! I put it on and instantly I felt like it was the best fitting bra I have ever had. There was no gaping in the cups, it just felt comfortable and right. The straps were really solid but not obnoxiously "I HAVE BOOBS SO LARGE YOU NEED INDUSTRIAL LEVEL STRAPS TO KEEP ME UP!" So, I was stoked. 
I wore it the next day to work. All day I kept yanking down my band because it kept riding up. It was not very comfortable! My band kept riding up into my armpits and was hurting me. I thought maybe the band was too small. I contacted Third Love to see what they thought and they asked me if I was putting it on correctly. I was like ???????  because who doesn't put their bra on with the snaps in front and then twist it around? Is that not the correct way?
Turns out, it's not. You are supposed to wrap the band around you, clip your bra together  in the back, without looking, like a damn magician and then carefully scoop your boobs into the cups and pull the straps up. It comes with instructions in your box, but I threw that card away because reading something longer than an Instagram caption is more than my millennial brain can handle. 
It took a few times of me swearing, trying to get my bra on before I was successful (now I'm a pro). Honestly, putting it on a different way changed everything. It stopped riding up and hurting me. This bra is SO comfortable. I don't want to rip it off the second I get home, I often will keep it on for a few hours after I get home because it is that comfortable and I don't mind leaving it on at all. I don't ever really feel like I have a bra on. Nothing pokes me, my ribs don't hurt and now my back pain is totally gone.  I'm a convert and will never, ever go back to any other bra. Because Third Love is so expensive, I have to space out my purchases, but I'm hoping to get three good bras from them to rotate so that they will last longer. 
Because they are such a pretty penny, I have done a lot of research about how to make them last. When you store them, keep them flat instead of tucking the cups into each other. This is a good tip when traveling as well. Never squish the cups. Try not to stretch out the band, apparently that is where you get the most support. Take the bra off with as much as care as you put it on. Don't hang your bra from a hook by the strap. Get a bra bag when you wash your bras, never dry them, and just be really gentle with them in general. 
This post isn't sponsored, but I do have a referral code you can use when you try or purchase. Just click here.
Let me know if you have any questions, but I really do love my bra and would totally recommend it to anyone! 

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