Friday, June 22, 2018

Japan: Kanazawa/Nagano

We were only in Kanazawa for one night. My MIL came last year and she just thought we would love it so we had to stop. We did love it! We stayed in a nice hotel and slept in a bed for the first time since Kyoto. 
We also ate at a realllllly good sushi place (twice in fact) that gave me unagi (eel) that will never be topped. 
We went to these Japanese gardens that were BEAUTIFUL and I would suggest going to Kanazawa just for the gardens. We could have spent a long time in there. Even wth the drunken tourists, it was really peaceful and quiet.

 My FIL pointed something out about this waterfall that was constructed in the 1770s...that while our founding fathers were fighting for independence in America, the Japanese were building this waterfall.

This is a waterfall. That tells time. And the date. JAPAN LIVING IN 3018.

This whole area by the train station was so cool, I loved this modern torii gate!
We spent a lot of time shopping in the train station, I bought a really pretty ring box that is traditionally Japanese so I thought that was an appropriate place to put my wedding ring.
dreamy breakfast
The next morning we had a few hours to kill before our train so we split up and some went to the museum and we explored an old samurai village, an old castle and then did round two of sushi before meeting up with everyone to catch our train to Nagano.
While we were walking around we met this Japanese guy who told us, in English, that he loves Trump. Blargh.

 The sushi people were so confused when we came back with half our little group.
We rode north to Nagano to meet up with Mark's uncle who I have never met! We weren't there very long either, one night in a glorious hotel, but it was important to see him! This was probably my favorite temple we visited because of the insane carvings.

After this we had to catch a bus to dinner, but I found this jewelry shop and spent significant time picking out jewelry when they said "WE HAVE TO CATCH THE BUS NOW! IT'S THE LAST ONE OF THE NIGHT!" but since I'm a brat I was like, "you guys can, I'm buying this jewelry!" and even though the cashier moved in slow motion and was being a brat, I made my purchase and about a minute later the bus came, so we made it! 
We ate some great yakitori where I inadvertently ate cow tongue and thought it was very good before Mark told me the truth (days later because he knows me and my rage)
This was the day I started really not feeling good (I caught a cold and it sucked) so I was really tired and wanting to go home when my MIL dragged us into a karaoke club. Guys, I would rather be naked in an onsen with family than sing karaoke. It is my biggest pet peeve, worst fear, whatever you want to call it. When I was younger I wrote a poem about getting rid of karaoke forever. So I was not the happiest camper about this karaoke thing. None of us were, in fact I would say we were pretty big snots about the whole deal. 
So I am reluctant to admit I warmed up to it and had a great time. I know!! I still hate karaoke with all my heart, but it was fun.
We were on our way to Odate the next day which would be six hours of traveling, bleck! Stay tuned.
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