Sunday, June 24, 2018

Japan: ODATE

I almost threw this in with my last blog post but it was too special! After a six hour journey of three-four different trains and being pretty freaking sick and just needing some dang soup (which my MIL tracked down for me because she da real MVP) and we had to say goodbye to my SIL because she couldn't take as much time off. BUT! We finally got to Odate which is pretty far north in Japan. It's essentially Lindon, Utah or Idaho Falls. Just a small town that is pretty rundown since a lot of the younger people moved to Tokyo to work. A friend of my MIL's picked us up from the airport and it was the first time a Japanese person spoke to me in English and I was so shocked, haha.

 I was a little worried about how Mark's grandma (baba)s' reaction would be towards me because the rest of his relatives were apathetic at BEST toward me and from what I knew of Baba, she's pretty blunt. I was especially worried because Mark is the firstborn grandson, which is big deal as you can see from the ginormous painting of him in the entryway below..
 BUT! Baba couldn't have been nicer or more sweet to me. She was obsessed with my skin which was lovely because I have been hating my skin lately. I felt so bad that we don't speak Japanese, she kept forgetting and would try to talk to us anyway but with help from Google translate we got most things figured out. I don't deal with her shenanigans on a day to day basis so I had a lot of sympathy for her, being all alone and far away from family. I am putting together a little package for her to send before summer ends.
Our first night there we got conveyer belt sushi and not only was it delicious but it was so fun! You can grab stuff off the belt or you can order things using the screen at your table and when your food is coming down the belt it plays a song. They are priced by the design of the plate, so like the yellow plates are a dollar, and then at the end they come measure it with a ruler haha. It was my favorite meal in Odate, although we had the best ramen in the world as well as eating at this Western place that was actually really good too, so saying this was my favorite is high praise!
most unflattering picture of me ever? yessssh.

One of the days we just spent going shopping, to the dollar store which was insane (I guess they have one in California if you are ever there!) and then the grocery store so Mark could buy some Japanese ingredients and stuff.  

 The next day, Mark's little brother and dad took the train up north where his brother will be serving a mission this year. Mark, my MIL and I met up with a high school friend who was kind enough to drive us to this gorgeous little lake and national park area. There was a really long hike/walk that followed the river that lead into the lake and it was so green with waterfalls everywhere, just really beautiful.
 Funny story, we had lunch at this pizza place near the lake and I swear whatever playlist they had going was from my ipod circa 2006.  It was so confusing to me that not only were they playing American music but they were playing American Alt music that was popular in high school. Haha!

It was fun to see my MIL's stomping grounds and meet her friends. I thought I would hate Odate because there wasn't a lot to do but it was one of the highlights of the trip for me! It just slow and exactly what we needed after being go go go for so long.

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